Need-to-know News: 2020 US election latest

Now where was I in what I was preparing to post today?…but got diverted by a fresh prophecy and ‘coincidental’ confirmation – thank You Lord.

For newer readers’ information, my previous in-depth coverage of the dubious results of the 2020 presidential election means I still monitor that matter. I was astonished to have found upon 40th issue of US Election’s NOT Over that it was the 100th post on it, and could be seen as a 100-piece jigsaw, of which the 40 border pieces bearing that header!

First, this from POTUS #45 – the Special Counsels’ report may be read here:

The Gateway Pundit is very useful source because it keeps close very tabs on this most important issue. A dozen of this week’s headlines show it’s far from over:

5 thoughts on “Need-to-know News: 2020 US election latest

  1. Richard doing another comment as above was a trial as don’t usually get through. But about year ago I repeated a prophecy from someone can’t remember who,
    Wisconsin would be the first of the Dominoes to fall.
    Praise the IAM.

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