OH MY to weigh & pray: ‘God-incidence’ echoes prophetic word on Ukraine

I forwarded the previous posting of the word Veronika brought this morning onto the blog’s Telegram only to be nudged to see this ‘echo’ also published this morning:

To read in full (after easily rejecting all cookies) go to https://nz.news.yahoo.com/cia-trained-ukrainian-paramilitaries-may-take-central-role-if-russia-invades-185258008.html

PSĀ  Note Well…

Re Dr Fuellmich:

Incontrovertible proof of Covid-19 bio-weapon fulfills 4 prophecies – evidence of criminal conspiracy

1 thought on “OH MY to weigh & pray: ‘God-incidence’ echoes prophetic word on Ukraine

  1. It’s an interesting commentary but America’s policy has never been significantly to separate Russia and Germany – partly because they have almost always been against each other anyway! During the early days of the second world war they had a non-aggression pact, leading to their amicable carve-up of Poland, but America didn’t join the war until many months after Germany had invaded the USSR. The rest of that analysis is quite right though, of course, and is an example of how sensible defence can, unfortunately, itself contribute to the outbreak of war.

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