Durham exposes new links to Clinton campaign in creation of Russian collusion scandal — Jonathan Turley

Below is my column in ‘The Hill’ on the recent links established by Special Prosecutor John Durham and the Clinton campaign.  Here is the column: “To my good friend … A Great Democrat.” Those words written to a Russian figure in Moscow, inside a copy of a Hillary Clinton autobiography, may be the defining line of special counsel John Durham’s  investigation. The message reportedly was written by Charles Dolan, a close Clinton adviser and campaign regular whom news reports identify as the mysterious “PR-Executive 1” in the latest Durham indictment, this time of Igor Danchenko. […continued at..] Durham Exposes New Links To Clinton Campaign in Creation of Russian Collusion Scandal — JONATHAN TURLEY

Our focus on easy-to-read insights into this “Worse than Watergate scandal” continues,  because details and implications appear to connect not only into the ‘Two Presidents’ and ‘October Surprise’ prophecies of 2008 and 2021 brought by Kim Clement  and Amanda Grace, but also into finer points of the Devolution Theory of continuance of secure government – more later!

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