As prophesied, exposures of America’s deep rot just keep on rolling out!

Screenshots of overnight news in reverse chronological order:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: On Election Night 2020 the Edison Reporting System Displayed Bizarre County Results When Compared to State Results – Why?

Above image is direct link to The Gateway Pundit. Here’s screenshots of this report:

Regular contributor over in Idaho, Tim Shey, comments on previous post by professor Jonathan Turley:

Richard: Here is a short clip from FOX News on the FBI raid on Project Veritas:

YouTube videoThe big question is why did the FBI raid Project Veritas now and not a year ago? Probably because NOW some powerful people are getting very nervous about the Durham Report. When God’s timing is involved, exposing the wicked reaches critical mass and then things really fall apart for the wicked. The blind pride of the wicked doesn’t help either (“pride comes before a fall”).


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