As prophesied re Two Presidents. ‘Reveal’ of Biden’s can of worms expected soon! Part 2

As blogged, “Bye-Bye Biden” > his anti-American actions make strong grounds for the anticipated closure of President Trump’s sting operation Cesare Sacchetti mentions as China Joe falls into the ‘most brilliant trap‘. As Elaine Venning responded to my Fbk version of part 1,

“Love the label ‘China Joe’ – does he know how breakable china is?? Sorry for the pun but it seems appropriate & might make you smile”

Now I had reservations about the slanderous image and caption of this Gateway Pundit header, but we’re now about to delve into facts:

In the above-titled article posted on Monday, Wayne Root examines what happened over America’s Afghan Fiasco, or Debacle, and citing examples shows how Joe Biden’s ineptitude is not only treasonous but also claims that it deliberately serves China because his family is owned by China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). His stolen presidency is  – the best thing to ever happen to China – and the worst to our cousins over the ‘pond’!!

Click image to read bereaved parents’ direct messages to Biden

That comes as no surprise to those keeping tabs as closely as possible on events. And then yesterday I get a notified about the issue of Part 10 in Patel Patriot’s Devolution series (as introduced by Jack Dennis herein and which I quoted in my trilogy examining how ‘Subtle War’ and Two Presidents’ Poker-game prophecies are playing out behind the scenes). Patel’s latest exposes China Joe’s ulterior motives in Afghanistan in depth.

As before, this briefing is a long-read, and if you are new here this may help bring you up to speed and bear in mind the prophecies of 2008 and 2014 about two Presidents  and a “nation itching for subtle war” against America, delivered by Kim Clement.

Part 10 – The Silent War by Patel and assisted by A.C. Harmony is a 57-page report, replete as ever with oodles of documentary evidence, and which arose from ‘Praying Medic’ Dave Hayes’ question, namely:

Patel responds in similarly to what I specifically noted in that trilogy by saying its down to “timing” – and he too notes the intriguing interaction of “coincidences”.  (You may recall  my reference to ‘God-incidence’ and ‘invisible jigsaw’ in my coverage.) Patel writes (screenshots omitted, emphases mine),

‘Here is a summary of my reply:

‘At the latest I would say it was Jan 15, 2020. In Devolution – Part 1, I reference Trump and Chinese economic dealings. They signed the trade deal on Jan 15th, the day before his first impeachment started. [image]

‘I think the timing of Covid-19 coming from China at the same time as Trump signed the Phase One trade deal is too much of a coincidence. I believe Covid-19 was the CCP’s response to hurt our economy in retaliation for winning the trade deal which we certainly did by looking at any objective measure. It must have embarrassed Xi.

‘Dave then pointed out that January 15th, 2020 was the day that the first case of Covid-19 arrived in the United States from Wuhan according to the CDC. [image]

The number of “coincidences” that I have come across writing this series has been astounding. Anyway, Dave’s question got me thinking about the bigger picture. Trump was making moves to prepare for an election theft long before January 15th, 2020. I can’t imagine he knew back in 2018 that in two years, Covid-19 would leak from a CCP bio-weapons lab and be used as a pretext to steal the 2020 election.

‘This war is bigger than just China. As I said in Devolution Addendum Series – Part 1, Trump is fighting a war against the entire political establishment. Remember, the political establishment is the cause of not just America’s problems, but problems around the entire world.

‘Many of our government leaders and government institutions have been corrupted nearly beyond repair. They have been selling America out for personal gain for years. They do it because it’s extremely lucrative and they do it because they have gotten away with it for so long. They thought they were invincible.

‘The MSM and big tech act as the propaganda arm and spin the narrative necessary for the political establishment to operate while keeping America ignorant. The political establishment then uses the intelligence agencies to do their dirty work. They rig the elections as to never lose their grip on power, the media, big tech and the intelligence community cover-up the rigged elections then they rinse, wash and repeat.

‘America’s enemies jump at the chance to assist them in their operations. For example, when the CCP has the opportunity to make a shady deal with a corrupt American politician (or a member of his/her family) it becomes the best case scenario for the CCP. Having proof of corrupt dealings provides the CCP with the opportunity to control those government officials that are involved. They can use the proof of the dealings as blackmail and that is an effective tool for getting what you want. It doesn’t take long to destroy the greatest nation on earth when its leaders have sold it out.

‘When corruption like this perverts our entire government, who can stop it?

‘The answer to this question is the basis for this article and really the basis for the entire Devolution series

‘There is only one remaining group of individuals that stands in the way of the total destruction of America. That group is the United States military…. [image]

‘“Defending the US against all adversaries while serving the Nation as a bulwark and the guarantor of its security and independence.” What if those adversaries are our own leadership? What if our elected officials themselves are risking the security and independence of the United States?

The US Armed Forces have the best intelligence capabilities in the world. What would happen if they received intelligence that a sitting President and/or his administration did something that by any objective measure put the national security of the United States of America at risk? What if it happened repeatedly? How could they defeat the biggest threat to America if that threat is where their orders are coming from?

This is where I believe the true “silent war” began. Prior to Trump ever announcing his candidacy for President, the military was witnessing the highest levels of our government selling out America for personal gain and putting our national security at risk.

‘So in order to properly provide context to why devolution had to happen, we need to look back at what got us here. Why did the political establishment fight Trump’s Presidency so hard; as if their lives depended on it? Why were they so desperate to stop Trump that they over-played their hands and blatantly stole an election? Where did the “silent war” begin?’

Patel then goes into documented depth on The Obama Years, in which I expressed my personal deep reservations beginning with his infamous speech in Cairo in June 2009. (See also Jack’s recent How Obama Controls the Biden White House.)

The Obama Years

‘Although the propaganda arm of the political establishment would like you to think otherwise, Barack Obama was a terrible President and his Presidency was filled with scandals. This wikipedia page has a list of 68 “Obama administration controversies.” I won’t be mentioning every “controversy” but I will focus on the ones that I believe are most relevant to the devolution we are currently seeing play out.

The primary scandals are:
  • Uranium One Deal
  • Operation Fast and Furious 
  • The Clinton Email Scandal 
  • The Iran Nuclear Deal 
  • Benghazi 
  • Spygate

PAGE 41 et seq:  [of another 16 pages I can but give extracts – please visit]

The Biden Crime Family

‘Biden’s entire “presidency” has been an abject failure. The most relevant failure is the situation in Afghanistan because we are watching it play out live. There wasn’t a death under President Trump’s watch since February of 2020. Trump’s policy in the middle east was working. How did Joe Biden mess this up so badly? Did Trump play a role? Are Biden’s decisions being made based on what’s best for America or what is best for his bank account?

‘Let’s find out.

‘On September 23, 2020, Senators Ron Johnson and and Chuck Grassley, chairmen of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC) and the Senate Finance Committee, respectively, released a majority staff report entitled “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns.” There is plenty of corruption in this report and I urge you to take the time to read through it yourself, but I’m going to walk through a few things from the report related specifically to China in order to show you how I believe it’s related to the situation in Afghanistan.

‘The Bidens knew prior to Joe “winning” the 2020 election, that Hunter’s (and therefore Joe’s) foreign business dealings were conflicts of interest. Trump and the military knew this as well. On October 13, 2019, Hunter committed “not to serve on boards of, or work on behalf of, foreign owned companies.” 

‘It shouldn’t surprise you that Hunter did not follow through on his commitment… Clearly, this financial dealing could be a threat to the National Security of the United States by providing the CCP with the Henniges’ anti-vibration tech. Pentagon officials expressed concern over this fact back in 2011:

‘…Starting right around November, their share price has nearly tripled. What happened in November? Oh yea, the CCP helped Joe Biden steal an election. It isn’t a surprise that the share price of the “world’s largest maker of electric vehicle batteries” has skyrocketed since Biden was “elected.” Everybody saw this coming due to Biden’s socialist agenda and green initiatives. [image]


  • BHR was formed when Bohai Capital (a Chinese-government-linked firm) merged with Rosemont Seneca Partners (company formed by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz (John Kerry’s stepson)).
  • Hunter Biden currently has 10% stake in BHR.
  • CATL is one of the companies in BHR portfolio.
  • CATL is the “world’s largest maker of electric vehicle batteries”.

‘So how does this relate to Afghanistan? This August 28, 2021 article from Forbes  provides us with the answer: [image] You read that correctly. Before the dust even settled over Afghanistan from Biden’s botched withdrawal, China was already in talks with the Taliban attempting to get their hands on those rare earth elements.

The Biden family is set to personally benefit from China gaining access to Afghanistan’s rare earth elements, and I think the timeline can serve as circumstantial evidence. On July 6, 2021, an article was published in the AP titled “US left Afghan airfield at night, didn’t tell new commander.” Keep the title of that article in mind– the US left Afghanistan without telling the Afghan commander.

‘So that screenshot above points out that “The U.S. announced Friday that it had completely vacated its biggest airfield in the country.” The “Friday” they are referring to was on July 2nd, 2021; just 4 days following the announcement of the deal between CATL and Tesla which was reported on June 28, 2021.

‘Biden claims he was handcuffed by the deal Trump made with the Taliban for leaving Afghanistan, but I would like to offer an alternative theory. It looks more and more to me as though once again, Trump set a trap and once again, Biden and the Democrats walked right into it.


‘How much do you think Trump knows in regards to Biden’s corruption relating to China? I’m just a regular guy using publicly available information and I’ve pieced together a direct connection between Biden’s corruption with China and the current Afghanistan situation. Imagine what Trump and the most technologically advanced military in the world can piece together. They know absolutely everything.

‘Remember to think bigger. Trump is always operating 10 steps ahead, and Trump knew that if Biden was “president,” China would put pressure on him to leave Afghanistan. It’s obvious how much financial benefit was in play for both the CCP and the Biden family fortune. Unfettered access to the Afghanistan rare earth elements—one of the most lucrative markets in the world, can officially be added to list of reasons the CCP aided Biden in stealing the election.

‘By publicly saying he wanted all troops to withdraw and privately intending the opposite, he provided Biden with a “window of opportunity,” maybe better described as a “security blanket” of an excuse for his rapid and total withdrawal. Even Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the JCS General Milley reportedly didn’t want to remove all of the United States military presence:…[image]

‘Trump expected Biden to take this opportunity to betray America and on April 18, 2021, Trump even goaded Biden into fully withdrawing, and doing it even quicker:….[image] Now,  Biden is predictably blaming Trump for the disaster that has ensued: [image]

‘Why hasn’t Biden sent in more troops to facilitate a safer withdrawal? Why is he abandoning Americans there? The only logical explanation is that “somebody” is forcing him to do it this way. I’m guessing that “somebody” is the CCP and I think Donald Trump and those running the Devolution operation are forcing his hand.

‘Remember the story from above that Bagram AFB was abandoned in the middle of the night without telling the Afghan commander? Why wouldn’t they tell him? Bear in mind that it was Trump who signed a deal with the Taliban and it is Biden and the political establishment who is backing the (corrupt) Afghan government (article from August 16th): [image]

‘If Joe Biden and the United States were supposedly backing the Afghan government, why didn’t we tell them we were leaving Bagram? The withdrawal has allowed the Taliban to swiftly take over nearly the entire country, the same Taliban Trump made a deal with. I don’t want to speculate but I can assure you, there is more to the Afghanistan story than what we’re being led to believe, and believe Trump set the table for things to happen this way. Biden had the opportunity to handle things the right way, but instead he completely botched it.

‘The political establishment has come to the end of their road. Trump and the military are playing them like fiddles at every turn. The final chapter of the political establishment has culminated with Joe Biden as a fake “president,” red-pilling America with his every move. We are rapidly approaching the climax of this war. We are on the precipice of a new era in American history. An era inspired by the principles our founding fathers had hoped, fought, and died for.’

Now read The Silent War in full, thanks to Patel Patriot and A.C.Harmony

2 thoughts on “As prophesied re Two Presidents. ‘Reveal’ of Biden’s can of worms expected soon! Part 2

    • Hi George, I’m watching and blogging on a few things that indicate certain prophecies are coming to pass. As in bog’s Prophecy Protocol, it’s all for readers to weigh with the Lord

      Definitely NOT giving DJT credit for it’s ALL in the Lord’s hand and action to sort out. along with our intercession and involvement, as a number of prophets are hearing.

      May Father’s Kingdom come and His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…


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