‘Subtle war’ and Two Presidents’ poker game prophecies are now playing out behind the scenes – 3 of 3

At the beginning of Part 1 I warned of a long-read ahead and trust you are still with me!

After carefully studying events behind the scenes relating to the contemporary dream the Lord gave Veronika about a vital Trump-Biden Poker Game, thereby indicating how it’s coming to pass, we now examine how the Devolution Theory reveals how both the prophecies Kim Clement brought some years earlier are also being fulfilled.

Come and dip into Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series with me as we note information that indicates, or even confirms, the fulfillment of the 2008 “Two Presidents” and the 2014 “A Nation Itching for Subtle War” prophecies. We’ll discover they come like a snowstorm of jigsaw pieces fitting precisely into the invisible jigsaw we’re completing (Part 2 refers) – AND learn how they connect into my own posts on Covid-19 being a man-made viral bio-weapon (this hub refers)!

[PS. 1st Sept: see also Howell Woltz, 24 Nov 2020: “Trump Will Win – Here’s Why”]

Reference IDs:  2-P = Two Presidents   I4War = Subtle War  (Emphases mine)


I4War –  Here are some key facts to note:

  1. Continuity of operations (COOP) planning has been in existence by the United States since the Cold War as an effort to preserve the continuity of government (COG) in the event of a Nuclear Attack.
  2. These operations have evolved to the point that each and every federal government agency and department has COG and COOP plans.
  3. Supposedly, President Trump initiated the devolution process through the Military and the Department of Defense because of intelligence indicators revealing extreme and growing cyber, electronics, space and spy technology warfare.
  4. Trump said on several occasions that when China permitted COVID-19 to escape Wuhan, that was essentially an act of war paramount to at least the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  5. When the U.S. is at war—even when it is an undeclared war—the President has powers not available to him in peacetime.
  6. These powers do not require congressional approval and many times when they are exercised, the public is not aware. The President can, in wartime, take whatever steps are deemed necessary to save the Republic.

“Central to the devolution theory is that Trump knew the election would be stolen by a foreign power, and he viewed this as an act of war,” a recent whistle-blower posted on Telegram. “In response, he preemptively and covertly took steps to invalidate the outcome of the election,” the post continued…

2-P – (cont’d)  “The measures he took are known only to a handful of people, but they effectively make him the true Commander in Chief. A decision was made to allow the public to believe Joe Biden is President, but at a later date, we will be informed of the truth. Further, the theory proposes that a few key military assets around the country are covertly supporting Trump, while most of the military believes Biden is calling the shots,” indicates a knowledgeable post on Gab. “At a future time—perhaps when indisputable evidence of election fraud is made public—the military and Trump will make their big reveal.”


PART 1 – ANOTHER TIMING matter and this time relating to what and when the Lord told me on 24 March 2020 in answer to my asking on CV-19: “Its man-made!” (as herein):

I4WarThe article was published March 18, 2020, and claims, “Standby orders were issued more than three weeks ago to ready these plans…”. That means in February of 2020. Trump had ordered the military to review and prepare the continuity of government plans. I think the timeline of this is essential. 

Note this article regarding a “fringe theory” being thrown around by Senator Tom Cotton and notice the date. A “theory” stating the virus originated from a bio-safety lab pops up around the same time Trump is ordering the military to prepare continuity of government plans.  Today we know that this “theory” is almost certainly true. It’s safe to assume military intelligence was all over this at the time, even though Trump didn’t publicly state that he had seen evidence that the virus came from the lab until May 1, 2020.

Covid-19 – If you look objectively at Trump’s handling of China, his policies were pro-American rather than the pro-China approach of previous administrations. In August of 2017, he directed the Office of the United States Trade Representative to investigate Chinese economic practices. Their subsequent report attacked many aspects of China’s monetary policy.

Think back to August 2019…Along with the other two most significant threats to America (Democrats and the media), China was desperate to get Trump out of officeChina favored a Biden presidency, and as found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop; they would have an equity stake in the Biden administration.  Although the fake polls said otherwise, the Democrats appeared to have little chance in 2020. The momentum was palpable. The only way the democrats would be able to win the election was to steal it. How convenient that Covid-19 would present them such an opportunity.

…If you look at actions Trump took leading up to the election he was prepared for anything the democrats might pull. Our military intelligence (Space Force) monitored and captured the true vote count. I believe the audits will be eye-opening and kick everything off….Covid changed everything. When Trump said Covid was an attack, he stated that it was “worse than Pearl Harbor.” If PDJT had information that the Democrats would steal the election with help from China, that would be considered an act of war. Do you think that is something Trump would allow? Would our military let China install a puppet as President? We prepared for Devolution after gathering information on the lab leak and activated it sometime between November 3rd and January 20th.

PART 2 is especially interesting in view of my many posts on the top virologist defector Dr Li-Meng Yan AND demonstrates the failure of the FBI and Biden admin culpability!

I4War – We weren’t allowed to discuss the possibility of a lab leak until recently. The FBI even received intelligence previously from Dr. Li-Meng Yan showing connections to the Wuhan Lab. She was ignored and the possibility of a lab leak decried as a conspiracy theory. Why would they now change their story?

2-P Why on May 27th did Biden order the intelligence community to look into the origin of covid-19? As the article said, the Biden administration “this spring shut down a state department investigation into whether the virus could have leaked from a Wuhan lab, deeming the probe an ineffective use of resources.” Trump started the state department investigation. Biden terminated it. Now he backtracks and has the IC looking into the origin again?

It was as if somebody who knew the facts was pressuring them to correct the story—corroborating reports that the DIA has challenged the FBI and CIA with information received from Dong.

I4War – DIA leadership (Trump-appointed Lt. Gen Berrier) believes there are “Chinese spies or sources inside the FBI, CIA, and several other federal agencies.” He has proof. The defector brought “terabytes” of data with him. Included in that data is the “names of Chinese Spies working in the US” and “Names of US Citizens who provide intel to China” as well as Hunter “(and Joe’s) business dealings with Chinese entities.”

2-P The implications here are MASSIVE. The DIA (the principal source of intelligence for COMBAT RELATED MISSIONS) kept the defector a secret because the President was implicated by the information the defector provided

Is it possible he has been here since long before February? I believe Trump had a role in this, and the defector provided information that helped prove the election theft. Why would a Chinese defector come to the United States in February with information implicating President Biden, knowing there are CCP spies everywhere? He would be sent back or disappeared. He either came before Biden took office, and the military has kept his presence quiet, OR he came in February as reported, knowing for certain the military would protect him by not telling the Biden administration. Both scenarios point to Devolution.

I4War – ...That means at minimum, China has 124,000 college-aged assets scattered across our country. They have way more than just college-aged assets here. China has an army within our borders. They have infiltrated and compromised nearly everything. That is why it is taking so long for Trump to make his reveal. That is why there has been an insane level of military spy aircrafts over the United States (Monkey Werx). Trump and the military are trying to neutralize as much of the threat as possible to minimize the fallout. Our enemy will fight tooth and nail to hold on to their power, but Trump and our military are preparing to deliver a death blow and they have the help of defector Dong Jingwei.

PART 3 was quoted in Part 2 in connection with the Trump-Biden Poker Game. Here’s its material relating to the Kim Clement prophecies:

I4War In July of 2016, Barack Obama signed the still classified Presidential Policy Directive 40 (PPD-40). In accordance with PPD-40, each department was to maintain continuity programs. “Agencies were ordered to have not just a line of succession but also one of “devolution,” a duplicate chain of individuals secreted outside Washington available in a catastrophic emergency. Devolution involves “procedures to transfer statutory authority and responsibilities” to this secondary designated staff to sustain essential functions.”

Even though every federal government agency and department has COG and COOP plans, the Devolution that President Trump initiated was done through the Military and the Department of Defense for one primary reason.

Remember, I fully believe that we are at War.  Not the war you picture in your head involving thousands of troops clashing on a battlefield. This war is clandestine in nature. It involves cyber warfare, information warfare, electronic warfare, intelligence warfare, space warfare and I also believe biological warfare (Covid). The only option at Trump’s disposal was to initiate Devolution using our military

(Covered partially in Part 2)

I4War On December 7th, 2020, President Trump signed Executive order 13961: Governance and Integration of Federal Mission Resilience and on December 30th he released the Federal Mission Resilience Strategy 2020. When you have the time, I urge you to read both…I’m only going to show the intro from Donald Trump and then the very last “Summary” section of the FMR document. Notice the timing here. As this was released, Trump had already started putting Devolution into motion. Keep that in mind as you read it. It’s almost like he is telling you he is about to do something big.

“In accomplishing these goals together, we can ensure the resilience of our constitutional form of government and American way of life”.

This is exactly what is at stake here. Donald Trump and the rest of the Devolution Patriots are fighting for the very soul of our country. Remember, this election theft is so much more than fraud.

This is war.

China wants to be the world’s dominant power but they knew they would never beat us in a war involving actual ground forces. Their only path to victory over of the U.S.A. would be through infiltrating all of our institutions and destroying us from within.

2-P As you can see by what has happened since Biden was “Elected”, they have never been closer to achieving their goal. At least that is what they think. The more research I do, the more peace it brings me. I have never been more confident that Devolution is real.

Phew! – that will do to get this ACE material circulated and to whet your appetite. It’s time to take a well-earned break and treat ourselves to some Bank Holiday reading!

AND that’s only the first three parts of Patel’s exceptional collection of well-documented history and insights. As with the remainder, the whole series is well-worth our careful cogitation and weighing for its direct relevance to the three prophecies we’ve been considering in depth.

I think we can agree that all three prophecies are coming to pass in being fulfilled, and thereby attesting that Kim Clement and Veronika West are the Lord’s prophetic voices.

[Flying Puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]


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2 thoughts on “‘Subtle war’ and Two Presidents’ poker game prophecies are now playing out behind the scenes – 3 of 3

  1. “China has an army within our borders. They have infiltrated and compromised nearly everything.”

    This is from my High Plains Drifter blog. The title of the post is “Christian Exodus from California” (dated 5 June 2017):

    “The next ride going north, this guy said that the Lord told him to pick me up; he gave me a ride to Hailey [Idaho]. He told me that he used to live and work in San Diego and had planned on retiring there with his wife. But then his wife began to have these dreams. In the dreams, she saw these Chinese soldiers attacking people in the United States (California?). So he and his wife left California a year ago and now live in Hailey. I asked him if the Chinese soldiers in his wife’s dreams were part of an invasion force. He said, no, that the Chinese soldiers were already here in the United States.”

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