How Barack Obama controls the Biden White House — Clever Journeys

Days before he lost a second term in the loop White House, I interviewed President Jimmy Carter behind the Alamo. Although young, I could sense his answers were basically canned responses and that he wasn’t certain about the upcoming election outcome. Carter in front of Alamo. Jack Dennis 1980 During this 1980 campaign, an observer noted, […continue reading at…] How Barack Obama Controls the Biden White House — Clever Journeys

Another most informative article that increases our grasp of what’s happening behind the scenes in the USA. Explains operation of Deep State and their destruction of America! Let’s hope and pray that this utterly ignominious debacle in Kabul is the start of reaping the seeds of their downfall, as in Jesus’ parable of the wheat and tares.

Here, Jack confirms my grave reservations about Obama ever since his infamous, flawed speech in Cairo in June 2009, as told here in my pre-blog email which opens with Jesus’ warning about deceivers! 

My deep concerns over his actions in the Middle-East are part of the reasons behind why I’d begun emailing friends, some being church leaders, only a few months earlier about our being in the Bible’s prophesied End-times.

However, here’s better news hinting at disquiet within the Deep State’s camp:

Obama Administration Officials Are Torching Biden Over Failed Afghanistan Withdrawal (VIDEO)

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