Does security intel validate a word on pandemic? (F/P #121.10-1)

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Monday morning was encouraging upon seeing the headlines and connected content, in view of what I believe is the Lord’s answer of six weeks ago to my asking whether or not the ‘Chinese flu’ was His doing.

I’m aware of some articles (in Guardian and Foreign Policy) arguing those claims are not supported by evidence but are based upon open-source information and opinion, not secret intelligence. Nevertheless, this post’s purpose is to consider this news in the light of my musings upon the spiritual aspect of this global pandemic, and of what I understand from the Lord.US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is reported in an interview with ABC’s This Week as saying, “There is a significant amount of evidence that this (pandemic) came from that laboratory in Wuhan. The best experts so far seem to think it was man-made. I have no reason to disbelieve that at this point.” 

I was intrigued that a person of such rank as the United States’ Secretary of State more or less confirmed what I heard from the Lord. Yes, indisputable evidence would validate that word – but to repeat Secretary Pompeo: personally, I have no reason to disbelieve what I heard.What I received was shared in a footnote to the first of this series of posts (F/P #162.1) monitoring the fulfilling of prophecies on the pandemic, Another Prophecy of 2019 Revisited re Coronavirus – The Lord Reveals its Origin and slightly expanded upon in the introduction to F/P #162.5 on Charles Shamp’s vision of demonic laboratories

That blog republished a prophecy in Prophetic Releasers – Community revisited by its administrator-founder Geoffrey Pick. To better appreciate that footnote, this copy bears my material in blue parentheses:

‘An interesting discussion developed within this group of prophetical brethren on the origins of the global pandemic. I raised a question about the virus’ origin (Is there unequivocal proof that it is a man-made virus? I understand a virus is a combination of organic and inorganic materials and know of none that are beneficial, as with bacteria. So how do viruses fit into God’s creation design and plan? Or could they come from satan’s post-Genesis activities?)

‘This generated an interesting flow of information in parallel with dealing with true and false prophets, questions over whether or not the situation is directly from the Lord and how it relates to scripture and End-times – even believers’ confusion over it all. Even so, I’m blessed in knowing two decisive scriptures on this issue for sharing as soon as am able to do so in this inordinately hectic time!!

‘And so I mulled all those matters over in my mind last Monday night. (This included various scriptures, prophetic ‘opinions’ as well as rumours on the issue, especially that as El Shaddai, the Lord is ‘The God of utter ruin and devastation’ according to rabbinic doctrine. I laid out all I’d heard, those particular scriptures – see next post for details – plus the whole canon and my own thoughts, just like papers spread out on a desk before the Lord for His advice!)

‘Upon waking Tuesday morning, 24th March, I thus asked the Lord, “Is the pandemic from You?” ~ and then got an immediate answer: “No, it is man-made!!”

‘Later that day I came across Revd Yinka Oyekan’s Facebook posting of the previous day about a dream of his that brought me confirmation, especially on the End-times (Dogmatic Dog-collar’s False Teaching re Covid-19 refers). He replied to me, “The signs of the end times being upon us are not yet fulfilled, this formed part of my weighing the dream.”

A couple of readers took me to task over straying away from scripture on judgement !  That is, the pandemic is a sign of holy judgement upon the deep wickedness within all societies – I don’t disagree with that point!Therefore next, I will disclose those relevant scriptures supporting what I heard and the fuller meaning of this pandemic being man-made, especially on ‘Mark of the Beast’.


8 thoughts on “Does security intel validate a word on pandemic? (F/P #121.10-1)

  1. Richard I fully agree with your word from the Lord about a man-made virus.
    There has been breaches in bio-security before at these labs in China.
    Research was carried out in these labs because it was not allowed in America.
    You can’t have your cake and eat it.
    Hence the Corona virus.
    Praise the I AM

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  2. I have also heard from a prophetic intercessor (not sure if that is the correct designation for her), a friend of mine, that God is using this pandemic for His purposes. Can’t remember details now, as haven’t spoken to her for three or four weeks…besides which I am not sure that it is for me rather than her to publish abroad.
    But it is certainly interesting what she is receiving from God and ‘warfaring’ about…I’m sure it is to do with changing things within the church…and possibly in the world.

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  3. Not only was the virus made (according to a Nobel prize winning virologist) but it was made in Wuhan. The research there was a continuation of work being done in the USA which had been banned. Dr Fauci, who stands next to Pres Trump in the pressers, saw to it that the research continued in China with $8million of his Institute’s money. PM Trudeau of Canada also gave them $800,000. No wonder there is a rush to cover it up.

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  4. I can’t remember where I first heard that the virus originated in a Wohun Lab. It was some time before it hit the headlines. The Communist Chinese Government claimed it was not true and that it was caused by Bats. My information said this was lies. The death rate was supposedly around 2,000 when at the time it was over 42,000. I also discovered that the Virus was taken to Milan by a number of Sewing Women from Wutan, who get flown in every November to sew the labels on the new clothes for the Spring Collections. As the area around Milan was heavily affected by the virus – which soon spread across Northern Italy- it made sense to me. It seems now that many in High Positions around the world have a lot to answer to as well as the Chinese Government.

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