The prophets ARE right: Frank Sui on America’s re-birth and the New Independence Day

Upon reading A New Independence Day for America, Frank Sui reminded me what he’d posted on Inauguration Day, 20th January – and I later realised the connection:

“Hi Richard, Saw your post about Hank Kunneman’s new independence day for America. Remember I wrote in my America article that I heard the Lord say “Can a nation be born in a day?”

This prompted me to print a hard-copy of my blog of that day covering his America; The Real Battle Has Just Begun and its reflective PS published on his Facebook. I find they superbly summarise the Trump situation from Frank’s perspective as a prophet, and thus suitably augments my extensive recapitulation in President’s and Prophets’ Words Proving To Be Right – cont’d.

Upon re-reading, I’m of the opinion the Lord answered His question to Frank by what He recently told Hank, viz: “I will bring an Independence Day to this nation”.

I cannot encourage you strongly enough to study Frank’s article and postscript as soon as possible (see above links). The whole grabbed me and here’s just a few extracts:

‘…As an intercessor who is not American but British, it is not my intent to comment on the politics, but to convey what I see happening in the spirit, and what God is saying concerning the future of this nation. Below is a word I briefly shared on a prayer broadcast a month ago, but in more detail. I believe it is important to get it out to the public now and strengthen the remnant to keep believing, and “having done all there is, to stand.” (Ephesians 6:13)

(1. Are the Prophets Guilty of Idolatry?)

‘When Joe Biden was first falsely declared by the Media as president-elect, it shook the prophetic movement, whom, prior to the election unanimously prophesied that Trump would be elected for a second term. Some began to re-examine their words, many began to ask whether there is idolatry in the camp – are we putting our hope in a politician, and prophesying out of our own preference?

‘I must admit, I was a little shaken too. I remember crying out for God to turn things around and repenting – actually it felt really powerful. But at one point I heard the Lord’s shout“STOP! That’s enough!”

‘Of course, I have since found out a little bit more about how US elections actually work. This was not a case where Biden had won but God was going to turn it around. At this point, Biden did not win, period. In the meantime, a swarm of demons were released by the lying media, the anointed false prophets, to intimidate the true prophets and make them bend their knees…’

(2. A Civil War is Coming)

‘…I knew what I experienced was a civil war happening in the heavenly realm and will manifest in the natural in full force. It will not be the North vs South, black vs white or slavery vs emancipation, but a battle between the godsbetween Yahweh and Baal

‘… As I am writing this, riots have broken out at the US Capitol. It may look like Trump supporters have turned violent, but don’t be too quick to assess – things are not as they seem.

‘Trump somehow knew if multitudes gathered in the capital it would pose a challenge to the electoral vote – but he did not understand that God was orchestrating a challenge in the spirit realm. If you attended the protest to pray, be encouraged, because I tangibly felt the effect of this in the spirit a month and a half ago. There will be a violent backlash and it will look like a civil war, but stand your ground in prayer. Do not concede. God will come through…’

(3. A Unity and Glory Movement)

‘On November 3rd, my friend from Israel and myself did a prayer watch for International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) which was on Zoom, broadcast on YouTube. During the watch, the Lord spoke very clearly: “The man who is known to be divisive will usher in a new unity and glory movement.” After I prophesied this, the glory of God literally broke out in the broadcast in a way that I had never experienced in a public setting. We prophesied that an unprecedented unity movement is rising and it will be accompanied by the glory of God poured out on the Church like never in history. The passage He highlighted was Psalm 68:1: Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered…

(4. America, the Lord Calls You Jacob)

‘The civil war will result in a new unity and glory movement, but during this time, America will be in a wrestling match with God. When I had the episode of demonic backlash, it felt like this kind of wrestle. Just like Jacob, who wrestled with God all night long until daybreak and was left with a limp, America will be wrestling with God in this darkest hour before the break of dawn – there is a Break of Dawn coming! Just as God dealt with Jacob in his deceit and changed his name to Israel, God is dealing with America right now in her deceit – that she can be “Great Again” without God, leaving her with a limp but changing her identity. And I hear the Lord say, “Can a nation be born in a day?

‘I also believe God is dealing with President Trump and bringing him into a wrestling match, and will leave him with a limp and change his identity. Trump will have to face God alone like Jacob did, as all of his friends have left him. He will not be able to stand on the pride of his achievements in the last four years, but face God all by himself, in his frailty and humanity. The Angel of His Presence will be with him, the Face of God will turn towards him and deliver him…’

There’s a great deal in this article and its appended comments to weigh and pray. Also,  the closing paragraphs of Frank’s PS are pertinent 4 months later (emphasis mine):

‘…I have more faith now than ever that whatever happens, when it’s all said and done, Trump will be sitting in the White House as a transformed man. We are at a Red Sea moment, and we don’t need to know when, we just need to know one thing: GOD.

‘3. For moral reasons. The prophetic aside, Trump won the election by a landslide. The evidence is out there. Anyone who’s taken the time to hear even a fraction of the affidavits filed will have no doubt that major fraud took place and the election was stolen. It’s just that none of the courts wanted to hear the evidence – not because they weren’t valid. But as believers we have a higher Court to appeal to. Anyone who cares about justice must pray for it to be served, regardless of where you stand prophetically re: Trump…’


Thank you Lord – and Frank.

1 thought on “The prophets ARE right: Frank Sui on America’s re-birth and the New Independence Day

  1. Comment on my personal Facebook version from Chris Moyler:
    Dear Frank Suí is so SPOT ON!
    Yes, of course, we are learning daily how profound this process of restoration is.
    One aspect alluded to here is that the US, while dedicated to the LORD at her founding, was stolen by the international bankers, and converted to a Corporation in 1871.
    Donald Trump’s SECOND TERM is all about bringing the slavery of that Corporation to an end, and the re-establishment of the USA as a Republic once again.
    Thus, President Trump, will be reinaugurated, as he surely will be, but as the FIRST President of the renewed Republic, consecrated once again for the LORD’S service!!
    Chris xx

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