Sword of Truth & Justice will lance America’s festering boil – Veronika West

Veronika posted this on her Ignite Ireland Ministry Facebook on Monday. This version is by courtesy of His Kingdom Prophecy:


AMERICA, as I turned over in my sleep last night, I suddenly heard The Spirit of God say, “Awake you who sleep! For watch what I AM about to do!

“See, for My Hand of Truth and Justice is now strategically moving to ‘lance the boil’ that has slowly poisoned the heart and soul of the Nation of America!”

As I heard those Words ringing loudly like an Alarm Bell in The Spirit Realm, suddenly I saw The Right Hand of God moving like lightning, and I saw a Flaming Sword of White Fire come out of the heavens and strike down upon what looked like a festering boil that was lying beneath the surface of the skin that covered the Nation of America.

As the festering boil was lanced, I saw what looked like a river of yellow pus break forth and suddenly I could smell the stench of infection and death. As I looked at this river of putrid pus gushing forth from the boil, I heard The Spirit say, 

”Watch, as My Surgical Hand now moves to strike, strike, strike the festering boil of perversion and impurity that has made this Nation sick.

“Watch, for the pus of perversion and impurity shall run forth like a river, as the sharp two-edged Sword of My Truth and Justice moves to strike down upon this land, for that which has poisoned and polluted the very heart and soul of this great Nation, shall now be fully exposed and swiftly removed.

“For this Nation shall no longer be a stench in my nostrils, but this land shall become as a sweet smelling fragrance, a set-apart people of great Power and Praise!

“Watch! For a Nation on its death-bed shall now arise in Resurrection Power and become a light on a hilltop and all Nations shall be drawn to the brightness of its rising.

“For surely I tell you, a time of great Restoration, Redemption and Revival will now come forth as The Sword of My Truth and Justice moves swiftly and suddenly to lance the festering boil that has slowly poisoned the heart and soul of the Nation!”


Lancing’ (opening it by making a small cut with a sharp instrument) a boil with a needle, lancet, or scalpel. Draining the pus through the surgical incision (additional incisions may occasionally be necessary) cleaning the cavity by irrigating it with sterile saline solution, then dressing and bandaging the area for healing…

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

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