A New Independence Day for America – Hank Kunneman

Thank you to Elaine Venning for alerting me to this word published in The Elijah List. Running the related video to capture the above screenshot I notice Hank Kunneman’s facial expression indicates he’s politely listening to Steve Shultz saying Elijah Streams has gained favour from the Lord; but Hank cannot contain himself any longer and just has to burst in saying (this I must transcribe), “I hear the Spirit of the Lord say….

“This is the time that great acceleration shall take place upon the earth and even things that have been prayed about; you will see that what you prayed, what you fasted for, what you gathered for in My Name before the election – even after the election – that I did in fact hear,” says the Living God. “Therefore, I will show you that the heavens have been open and they are opening wider and there is a movement of my hands that I have been showing but this will accelerate as the wind accelerates. And there has been the sound of the movement of my feet as your ground has shaken, and tremors shall increase intensely in various unusual places in your land United States.

“But the reason I do this is because I am NOT void. My Presence, My Hand and what I shall do has not been void for this nation. I have not withdrawn My Hand and I have not withdrawn My Will. Therefore, because you acknowledged Me,” says the Lord, “in this nation, I have and shall show you that I will acknowledge you and acknowledge the fact that your votes and your voice WERE counted and heard.

“How shall I do this? I will bring great changes that are about to happen in a rapid sequence of events that will begin to unfold as you go into your Summer months and into your Fall, for that shall be a time and a season that there shall come GREAT information and there also come many, many announcements. And then they will say ‘What is that silence that has seemed to come for a moment, has God withdrawn His Hand, withdrawn His Voice?’God says, “No; for when the silence takes place it shall be LOUD in hell…It shall be an announcement that comes forth that I am quieting the earth and I am stilling the earth that I may show what has been behind the scenes that now must be exposed and dealt with, that I may give this nation back to those who have prayed, who have fasted, who voted for what was right!”

“God says, “The Great Removal that shall take place and a Great Return be in its manifestation. Do not grow weary, the days are not prolonged as I’ve said before; “They’re in process,” says the living God.”

Hank goes onto bring a personal word for Steve, Therefore, my reader, may you be mightily blessed in watching this video and reading:

Also on this broadcast, Hank read this prophetic word he received just days before our interview:

Prophetic word from Hank Kunneman released on May 4, 2021:

I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, “I am the God that takes away the old to establish the new, and this is what I am in the process of doing. Do not think for a moment,” says the living God, “that I am not working or that I have been silent. I’ve allowed Hell to make it appear as though they have won and they are winning, and they have been wringing their hands, they have been celebrating, but God says,great fear is even in the very bowels of Hell and those who are co-operating with evil. Why are they afraid? It is because of what I am in the process of doing and what I will do – that I will bring an Independence Day to this nation. I will deliver it. I will set it free.”

And God says,What I do shall take you through the summer months and even into the fall and throughout this year; that what I have promised and what I have declared, 2021(won) shall be the fulfillment of your battles. And there shall be spoils of this battle that shall be given unto this nation.”

And God says, I am not done with President Trump; this is even part of the Great Awakening that shall cause men’s mouths to fall open, and those who have reported, even upon the news, and have attacked and been part of the lies, they too shall see and be awakened that I am the God that shall step in and I am the Lord that shall bring great things. Yes, great cancellations, great removals, and great, good things shall begin to swiftly come. For men have looked at the 104 days and they say, ‘Surely there is no hope for the future of this nation’.”

God says, “I laugh at that! Do you understand that even as the Son of God went in the temple and overthrew the tables, I will do the same with the silly legislation? I will do the same with the agenda that they have tried to bring in this time and I will throw it out, because I have promised to give this nation to the children and to My Son, and for the honor of this nation that has pledged their allegiance for generations. I’ve pledged My Honor in return,” says the Living God. “So get ready.

There shall be a derailment, and this shall be a sign – even the insects shall come and be a distraction, but do not be moved by these things for I will move My Hand swiftly and quickly and I will bring a great return, and a celebration shall come upon this nation and upon the nations of the earth, and man shall even say, ‘We did not think it would happen, but it has happened before us.’

“And those that have been in strife – when they see the truth, when they see the evidence and when they see the good, they will put their swords down and a unity shall come among My people in the Church, but it shall come even upon this nation that  great healing shall be brought forth.

“So,” the Lord says, “the days are not prolonged, they are in process. Get ready for you will see My Hand and you will say, ‘Look at what the Lord has done’!


PS. Also see The Prophets ARE Right: Frank Sui on America’s Re-birth and the New Independence Day

1 thought on “A New Independence Day for America – Hank Kunneman

  1. Kia Ora Richard,
    You almost feel sorry for some of these media activists who will be proved wrong.
    Don Lemon seems to be moving to a later slot. CNN are starting to make comments about Biden. NYT admits the Steele dossier was a lie, at last.
    Here comes the summer Dooby, Dooby, remember that song.
    Praise the I AM.


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