If there’s no media lies, why block freedom to speak and write? Part 1 (F/P #10.20)

You may recall my report of personally encountering Facebook censorship after blogging a week or so earlier of its blocking reports of Joe Biden’s questionable financial dealings, some of which involve China?

Well, the proverbial stuff continues to hit the fan and, although engaged elsewhere (ie NOT locked down!!) I’ve managed to collect snippets from Fb friends and am breaking into our long weekend so that readers can be aware of a little of what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’.

These items are presented in roughly chronological order but, in view of time constraints, I can’t provide links; BUT LAST SHALL BE FIRST and in my humble opinion THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF US ELECTIONS’ UPHEAVAL – ie. this explains the whole farago:

NOW for the roughly chronological sequence, NB: I broke Fb’s community standards and thus got blocked in posting a link to the following Natural News item on Chris Moyler’s Fb:

Continue reading in Part 2 >

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