Expect EXPLOSIONS over the ‘Pond’ – John Durham’s Report published

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Durham Report: Plan by Hillary Clinton to Link Trump to Russia Was Briefed by John Brennan to Obama and Biden in August 2016!

“The American Public Was Scammed” – President Trump Responds to Durham Report Confirming Hillary’s Evil Plot to Tie Him to Russia

4 thoughts on “Expect EXPLOSIONS over the ‘Pond’ – John Durham’s Report published

  1. As we wait and wait for something to happen, it makes me think of the Bowls of Incense that are the prayers of the saints, in Revelation 5 v 8. We see the terrible things being uncovered and revealed and pray that justice will be done, but each event seemingly fades away. Its so hard not to become discouraged, but then you remember the Bowls of Incense. Though we pray and feel sometimes that our prayers go unheard, they begin to fill the bowls. The level rises and rises, with each faithful prayer, with each revelation, with each honest person who reveals truth to the world. Slowly the bowls fill and we know that, though we may not perceive it, there will come a time when the bowls are full. The prayers and actions are never lost, never fail. The levels are rising and its only a matter of time. In His Grace he is giving the evil-doers a last chance to repent and change. But once the bowls are tipped, only judgement can come. So don’t think your prayers or actions just fail and fade away, each one is stored in the Bowls, and very soon, will tip the balance. Praise God.

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  2. Dear Richard

    Many thanks!

    A CONCERN – since you encouraged s to join Telegraoh, it invades and interrupts things on my iPhone and sends innumerable notifications to me ! (Most of which are not from you).

    How can I stop this or just receive your postings only? PLEASE?

    Hope you can help.

    Bless you for your dedicated work and emails. ??????

    In His Love.



    • HI Eva, I too found that’s a nuisance but spotted that when a channel is opened to read there’s a ‘Mute’ option at the foot of screen. Hitting that brings option for how long you wish to silence notifications; I hit ‘forever’!
      Hope that helps -pls let me know and thanks for following here and there 🙂


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