‘October Surprise’ Newsmix 3 – its roots in 2016 Election?

How wonderful if that ‘surprise’ is the Lord’s glory coming in widespread Revival and reverent fear of the Lord falling upon a nation, thereby bringing all people and especially leaders of every political view into full repentance, renouncing and turning from evil ways. Until that happens, and because so many prophetic words I’ve covered on this blog since last year are, of necessity, on America’s situation, let’s continue watching for likelihood of the anticipated ‘surprise’ being in their news.

These legal indictments may be the ‘biggie’ that proves to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back (click for link):

For perhaps the best in-depth coverage of this saga of the Democrats’ governmental corruption, read the author that researcher Patriot Patel (Devolution series) follows closely – Brian Cates. At The Epoch Times he writes about US special counsel John Durham’s legal investigations and indictments, and this article conveys many insights:

The opening paragraphs read – and note well the importance to this month of October’s especial significance:

‘I think I’ve figured out why former top intelligence official Kash Patel has been saying in interviews the time-frame for a whole slew of Durham indictments dropping is “5 to 6 months”.

As everybody knows, Durham slipped the indictment of Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussman just under the wire to beat the expiration of the 5 year statute of limitations. Patel appears to be expecting Durham to drop new indictments just ahead of the five year expiration dates that will be coming up over the next five to six months.

Most of the overt acts to further the Russiagate criminal conspiracy – including multiple instances of Hillary Clinton’s private operatives lying about who they were working as they were handing off fake Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes to federal officials – were committed between late October 2016 and June of 2017.

That means the five year statute of limitations on some of those criminal acts will begin expiring between late October 2021 and April of 2022. From late October 2012 to early June 2022 is around six months.

If you study the timeline of SpyGate, many of the most serious crimes committed during the scandal begin in the 3 week period just before the November 2016 election all the way through late February of 2017.’

Here’s more fascinating reading:

Read full article here images below contain direct links:

The “17 Intelligence Community Agencies” Canard on Russian Interference

The DOJ Under Merrick Garland Has Ignored President Trump’s Order to Declassify All Intelligence Related to the Corrupt and Criminal Attempted Coup of President Trump Labeled Obamagate

5 thoughts on “‘October Surprise’ Newsmix 3 – its roots in 2016 Election?

  1. We will continue praying for the United States, until God fully reigns there again. I wish we understood more of the systems as often I can’t understand quite what you are describing politically. I would love to understand more. Can you recommend a book or website that would help us Brits follow more clearly?

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