USA is at a Tipping Point – Mario Murillo

A Game Changer

We are at the tipping point ā€“ and that is terrible news for Democrats. A majority of our citizens no longer believe the battle is between Democrats and Republicans. They believe it is Democrats versus America. This is a game changer!.(Emphases RB)

We’ve lived through too many misfires and inaccurate breakthroughs, which is why I have been careful not to announce a false victory. This time, victory is within reach, and I believe it will be earthshaking.

Many of our citizens do not trust either party. That is one reason why there is a stalemate. Now, people on both sides of the political spectrum realize that there is a Democrat in the middle of every national crisis.

The Democrats Final Firewall

The final firewall that Democrats trust to keep them in power is their illegal control of our elections. Money lords, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for vote counters and voting machines. And every single time, the media has buried this dirty little secret; that is, they did until Time Magazine slipped up and bragged about how they and others had manipulated the results of the last election.

Americans Believe Cheating Affected the Outcome of the 2020 Election

This same web of deceit is bought and paid for by the Marxist Left. That is why we may never see the proof of election fraud. But there is another way of convicting a murderer without an eyewitness…by circumstantial evidence. That is what we are seeing in the court of public opinion.

On Monday, October 11th, a new survey came out from Rasmussen Reports. It showed that people who are likely to vote in the next election overwhelmingly believe two things:

First, by a margin of 65% to 28%, they believe mail-in voting will cause more fraud in the election process. The second is the best news: Americans, by a whopping 56% over 39%, believe cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election!

Again, too many people believe that there was fraud in the 2020 election for this to just ‘go away.’ Those who believe this are not just Republicans; they are now a wide spectrum of Americans. And, they are rising up to demand answers. Their call for answers will intensify. If Democrats stonewall the public, it will unleash a firestorm.

The Ground Has Shifted Dramatically

A growing number of Americans believe Democrats are a threat to freedom, prosperity, and morality. They are not just alarmed by voter fraud, they are enraged, because the Left hates the middle class. They are enraged because the FBI has declared that moms who go to school-board meetings are domestic terrorists.

Most Americans are opposed to gender bending. They do not want open borders. They are angry that Democrats are mandating the vaccination. Like the mark of the beast in Revelation 13, the Left wants to make it illegal for people to buy or sell unless they allow this experimental drug to be placed in their bodies. You will be forced out, segregated, fired or shamed unless you toe the party line.

When vast numbers of liberal bloggers, pundits, and YouTube stars share the same concerns as conservatives and Christians, you know that the ground has shifted dramatically.

When you see entire sports stadiums and universities filled with people yelling right to Biden’s face the mock-obscenity: “Let’s go Brandon,” you know that Americans of all walks of life see him as a fraud. I don’t agree with the mockery, but it is becoming clear that most Americans see Biden as an illegitimate president.

These are all symptoms of a dramatic change in America. They are an answer to prayer; a part of the breakthrough that we must embrace. A majority of Americans no longer believe the battle is between two political parties. They believe it is between Americans and their freedom on one side, and the Democrats and their evil agenda on the other.

Mario Murillo

Mario Murillo Ministries


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