‘October Surprise’ Newsmix 2 – the real ‘insurrection’!

One ‘surprise’ in America could be the outcome of the enquiry into the 6th January protest march at the US Capitol, subsequent actions and investigations. President D.J. Trump may soon be about to go into ‘The Reveal,’ which I believe is his exposure of all the secret dealings of his political enemies since he became president and especially in November’s election.  Here’s more relating to last November’s election:

President Trump Writes into Wall Street Journal on Stolen Election — Points Out the Obvious

BREAKING: Racine, Wisconsin County Sheriff’s Office to Announce PROOF OF STATE-WIDE ELECTION LAW VIOLATIONS – Thursday at 11 AM …UPDATE: THEY HAVE VIDEO!

In 1st item above, Joseph Conradson quotes Donald Trump’s Statement of October 21st:

‘President Trump released another statement today on the election day insurrection and the peaceful protest to follow. The Gateway Pundit reported that President Trump has filed a lawsuit to protect our Constitution from the radical left. Today, President Trump released a simple statement to give a summary of the past year.

“The insurrection took place on November 3, Election Day. January 6 was the Protest!” – President Donald J. Trump

The true overthrow of our government occurred on November 3rd, when they stole our most sacred right as Americans and inserted a fraudulent tyrant to destroy our borders, impose dictatorial mandates, and force woke culture down our throats.

They have imprisoned patriots for almost a year in the political persecution of Trump supporters. 

The BLM and ANTIFA terrorists, who they applauded, destroyed our Nation’s great cities, burning, killing, and looting. 

There were one million patriots in Washington D.C with FBI and radical leftist infiltrators who stirred up minuscule violence in an attempt to discredit our movement.’


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