Prophetical insight into political intrigue – Devolution situation update

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Continuing from previous post, Tim Shey’s reaction to watching Patriot Patel’s excellent situation analysis of 15th October gives a helpful summary,

Richard: Thanks for the video. That was a very good interview with Patel Patriot. I think I have read the first four parts of the Devolution Series. You could sum up the interview like this: the Book of Esther is being played out right now on a global scale. The Lord is reversing the Satanic narrative of the Deep State. Everything that the fake president has said and done has done nothing but help to destroy the United States and our relationship with our allies. Everybody knows that the fake president is not making his own decisions. The Deep State began to hang themselves the day of the fake inauguration. The Deep State is fighting against the Lord and against the Lord’s anointed (President Trump). The brain-dead fake president really isn’t the problem. The problem is the people controlling the fake president: Obama, Soros, the CCP (the Deep State/Satan).

Esther 7:10: “So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath pacified.”


Patel speaks from a well-informed position, as expected from his in-depth research his  Devolution series, and refers to ‘The Playbook’ manual used in destabilising nations by means of ‘Colour Revolutions’. In Part 12 he introduces this subject:

The focus of this article is going to be all about providing the proper context that we will need for Devolution – Part 13. It’s incredibly important to understand who the political establishment is and their history of manipulating the political landscape to their benefit. The 2020 United States election wasn’t the first time the political establishment ousted a leader they didn’t want or couldn’t controlit’s important to better understand this topic before we move forward.

In the video I note that, in saying the current administration’s policies and conduct  will inevitably lead to the ‘Democrat’ party’s demise, at 11:40 mark Patel refers to Trump as “holding all the cards, he has all the evidence” – as foreseen by Veronika West in the Trump vs. Biden Poker Game and blogged with many news updates, then later in Dr Patricia Show’s short video Their House of Cards is Falling.

From 26 minutes he speaks about the increasing exposures of deep corruption within the Deep-State.


This time last month in Update on Behind-the-Scenes Prophecies and Deep-State 1 – Wire-Fraud…Deep under the Hood I wrote:
‘Further to the recent ‘Behind the Scenes’ trilogy, we return to the Word from the Lord which Amanda Grace heard on 31st August, as well as gain further, deep insights into the news of legal action relating to Deep-State’s treachery against President 45. In Amanda’s posting the Lord speaks upon:

  1. The early timing of the Hebrew New Year’s Feasts (6th-22nd September)
  2. Iran and terrorism
  3. Israel and its leaderships in-fighting and apostasy towards Baal/Ra
  4. America’s leaders having “blood on their hands” from child-sacrifice
  5. US “puppet/shadow presidency and shadow government” – October surprise!
  6. Collapse of “an entire media entity” – (last year reader Edward thought so of BBC)
  7. Church ministry leaders falling into demonic temptation through lures and pride
  8. Running in the wrong political race
  9. EU/Belgium, attempt “heist of the century” (4-fold hike in gas supply prices?)
  10. Generals meet “in secret and and seek” God: directs to Geo.Washington’s plan!
  11. Witchcraft in White House and Halls of Congress – great shaking and overthrow
  12. “wire-fraud so deep by a company claiming to do good but involved deep under the HOOD” > possibly 2-fold pun of the Lord referring to demonic as well as American term for car bonnet. Thus ‘under the hood’ means the engine! 
Last point has the Lord saying:

“Those who seek Me out shall find their weak points, loopholes, mistakes and areas of wire-fraud so deep it was covered up by a company who claims to do good but has been involved deep under the HOOD.”

That posting then went onto examine how a few examples within Patel’s Part 11 of the deep political intrigue do support our sister’s prophetical insight regarding ‘wire-fraud’ and this obviously refers to the electronic fraud committed during last year’s US presidential elections.

In my close reading of that highly lengthy paper replete with screenshots of documents I noted more examples in accord with her prophecy. I’m unable to copy screenshots but will cite printed page numbers in Part 11 for you to check out with these extracts:

Pages 7 – 9  – 13 (‘Keep that last paragraph in mind as I will touch on this again soon; Assange has claimed over and over that Russia was NOT his source.’) – 19 – 24 (‘This is the first time I have heard that CrowdStrike is a “global leader in protecting elections.” The blog continues to discuss their “History of Defeating Adversaries” and “The current Threat Landscape” but towards the end it gets to the really good stuff’) – 27 – 29 – 32

Page 33 has this summation on Crowdstrike, and see how it may connect into ‘under the hood’ (or in English: engine under car-bonnet) – emphases mine:

‘By now you see where I am going with this. Our federal government has contracted the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to provide cybersecurity for hundreds, if not thousands, of U.S. SLTT organizations. The CIS uses CrowdStrike to provide that cybersecurity.

The same CrowdStrike with ties to the Obama administration.

The same CrowdStrike who lied and covered up the DNC hack that was one of launching pads for the Trump-Russia narrative.

The same CrowdStrike which, I believe, fabricated the data behind the Alfa Bank story.

CrowdStrike’s cybersecurity product includes “a downloadable object-code component (‘Software Component’).” This means that any state or local government who used the CIS to provide cybersecurity, allowed CrowdStrike’s software to be downloaded directly into their machines and systems.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would think that if a bad actor (like China) wanted to hack our entire election system, gaining access to it through a few entities like Perkins Coie and CrowdStrike might be the perfect way to do it.

Despite a laundry list of conflicts of interest on behalf of both entities, our nation is being told, repeatedly, to simply ignore those conflicts and “trust that nothing nefarious occurred in the 2020 election  when CrowdStrike themselves had direct access to voting machines throughout the country.

This leads me to the final thing I would like to discuss.The Solarwinds Hack’

Now go to pages 34 to 41, and Patel’s conclusion:

‘Why would somebody want access to CrowdStrike’s emails? Something is happening here that we don’t yet know the full scope of. One thing we know for sure is that this DID impact the election through the Dominion Voting Systems machines. Here is an archived link to Dominion’s web client portal from December 14, 2020…The hack that started sometime in March of 2020 but wasn’t discovered until December of 2020 allowed hackers access to Dominion Voting Systems and therefore also to CrowdStrike who had software on hundreds, if not thousands, of Dominion machines.

I’m not a huge fan of speculation so you’ll have to forgive me because I’m about to ask some speculative questions. What if the Solarwinds hack wasn’t a foreign adversary or some random hacking group? What if “the most sophisticated hack ever seen” was actually done by CYBERCOM and our military and this is how they caught the election theft? What if this is how they accquired information on CrowdStrike while looking into things…as far back as 2016?

As much as I can’t help but to speculate about what all of this might possibly mean, one doesn’t need to indulge in speculation to see a clear pattern telling us that something much largerand more dangerous to the DS– is at play here. The sheer length of the Durham investigation tells us definitively that although the media has tried to sweep these events under the rug, they have not gone away… quite the opposite, in fact.’


  1. What Is Devolution?
  2. The Defense Intelligence Agency & The Defector 
  3. Continuity of Government – Continuity of Operations 
  4. A Wartime President
  5. Cybersecurity Infrastructure Agency & Dominion Voting Systems
  6.  Antifa and The Capitol Riot
  7. Foreign Influence
  8. How and When
  9. The Military
  10. The Silent War (The Precipice)
  11. Crowdstrike (Spygate…SolarWinds)
  12. ‘The Playbook’ (Deep-State manual)
  13. (In preparation)
  14. Addendum 1: Where Is Trump?
  15. Addendum 2: COGCON2

ALL this makes an awesome book and I found the best way to study these long-reads is to print off hard copy (two pages per side of A4 study). Mine’s riddled with highlighter!

Patel Patriot’s new website provides several articles by associates and 4:04 mins video summarising the situation and purpose of his work.

Patel Patriot’s Telegram chat:

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