Visions of Trump-Biden poker game and of the ‘Joker’ now echo in online press

This morning I quickly shared yesterday’s article by Howell Woltz on my Facebook, drawing attention to his text’s sub-head as it mirrors the activity and a possible time-frame implied in a vision Veronika West received a few days prior to the presidential election last year. 

Take a look and read the whole piece, written from non-prophetical perspective of an investigative, secular author – albeit with closing scriptural allusions – before dipping into the two directly relevant prophetic visions Veronika brought – AND a 3rd vision! 

Here’s the title and screenshot of few paragraphs after quotation of Amendment 22 (btw, my birthday number turns up once again!):

Note, Howell writes ‘take our time’ and ‘sweep the table’; as well as of discord within  the White House – which connects into yet a third vision of Veronika’s!!!   I suggest, therefore, that you set aside a little while to read in full and weigh what she reports:


Here are the details, as recorded in my Amusing follow-up…(emphases mine):

  • Dream: she was in a room watching Donald Trump and Joe Biden playing a high-stakes poker game while sitting at a beautiful large round velvet blue table.
  • The LORD’s Glory and Royalty was in that place. The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD was presiding in that place.
  • Biden’s admin and campaign staff were standing behind him as Biden held his cards in his hands.
  • Trump sat opposite, also holding his cards in his hands. His admin staff also stood behind him while his Spiritual Advisor stood beside him with her hand on his left shoulder. At Trump’s right shoulder was a standing Angel, with his hand on his right shoulder.
  • The Angel was assigned by God to Trump for this moment and season.
  • As the game was played, the atmosphere was heavy — as the destiny of the nation was hanging in the balance, as there was so much at stake.
  • As Trump played he was praying under his breath and at the same time his administration were praying in tongues.
  • Biden looked weak and unprepared, but trying to put on a facade that he was in control; that he knew what he was doing.
  • The people behind Biden were shouting words of intimidation and trying to change the atmosphere.
  • Veronika was praying in tongues for Trump as the game went on.
  • Then she sees a mountain of gold coins in the middle of the table, which symbolises the wealth of the country and the value and destiny of the nation.
  • The birthright of the nation was sitting in the middle of the table.
  • The birthright of the nation was being warred over.
  • The birthright of the nation was being played for.
  • Then someone said, “It is time to show your cards!”
  • Then Biden puts down his cards and the people behind him start to yell and say, “Yes, we have victory in this game!”
  • Meanwhile Trump’s admin are still praying. Then Trump does something very strange and starts to take off his watch. Then he throws it into the middle of the table.
  • The watch has the word ‘Triumph’ on it — It is a ‘Triumph Watch’.
  • As the watch hits the pile of gold, Trump lays his cards out on the table and I hear the words, “Full House!”
  • Immediately, Biden stands up and starts to shout and curse.
  • Trump then embraces the pile of gold, and as the watch rolls down the pile he puts it back on his wrist and says to his administration, “It’s time!”
  • Then the administration help Trump gather in the mountain of gold coins to their side of the table and scoop them up.
  • The Angel then announces “Victory” and “Triumph” with his sword raised over Trump’s head.
    End of dream.
  • Click here for more follow-us on this highly significant dream.


Last Wednesday Veronika posted an update to the above as below, which reminded me of having referred to the roaring Lion of Judah in closing previous evening’s meeting:

“Early hours of this morning the Holy Spirit woke me with an urgency to pray,…as I began to pray in the Spirit not knowing with full understanding why I was woken so suddenly,…the Spirit of Revelation immediately spoke these words to me,…”LISTEN FOR THE LION OF JUDAH SHALL ROAR OVER THE GROUND AND THE CLOWN AND THE QUEEN SHALL BE BROUGHT DOWN,…WATCH! FOR THE CROWN SHALL FALL,…AS MY SWORD OF JUSTICE AND JUDGMENT STRIKES DOWN,…FOR HEADS WILL ROLL AT THE SOUND OF THE LIONS ROAR”… I heard those words the Spirit of are took me back to a powerful dream I had…(as herein)….”


‘Now as I looked again in the dream at this massive glass structure which was ‘The White House’, suddenly I heard these Words, ”Those who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones! Watch! For the fragile Glass House made of sand will fall and not stand!”

‘Now as I heard those Words, I saw Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the dream, sitting in the fragile Glass White House and they were surrounded by many people, and they were all discussing the future plans, strategies and tactics that were going to be implemented for governing and ruling over the nation in the days ahead.

‘As I listened to their conversations and as I watched their behaviour in the dream, I became aware that all those who were in the fragile Glass White House, were totally unaware that the structure that surrounded them was made of fragile glass, and that everything they were doing was being fully revealed and exposed for all to see….’

Continue reading Veronika’s important insights of Vision of Holy Hailstones Breaking The ‘White House’.

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