Trumpwatch 49 – he’s coming back — John Barber

Trumpwatch 49 – he’s coming back Let’s face it – for those of us who believed Donald J Trump was the Lord’s anointed to drain the swamp, it has been a rollercoaster ride – from despair, after seeing the clearly stolen election on November 4th being upheld by the fake inauguration of sleepy Joe on January 20th and then to note without surprise how bad he is actually doing (if Sean Hannity is to be believed) to the revelation of how evil the swamp really is, which we now see as a worldwide thing run by a tiny cabal of a few families and their lieutenants intent on global domination and into child trafficking, robbing from and trying to enslave the masses, adopting a divide and rule strategy, played out, among other places, in the dumbed- down churches, and all sorts of wickedness, which before Trump we were barely aware of. Mercifully, in the game of 5D chess being played out, DJT and the “white hats” have got it all covered and now we are waiting God’s timing for them to act.[…continue reading at…]   Trumpwatch 49 – he’s coming back — JRB Publications

3 thoughts on “Trumpwatch 49 – he’s coming back — John Barber

  1. I have been receiving your emails for a couple of years and for the past couple of weeks none have arrived in my inbox. Each morning I really look forward to reading your excellent information and would be grateful for these to resume. Many thanks and blessings, Maureen Osborne

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    • Thanks for letting me know Maureen and another talktalk reader emailed me last week. You both confirm my deep suspicions our ISP is blocking notifications. I haven’t had updates from Christian Concern for months – it’s probably their chinese routers blocking christian material – or maybe Fakebook’s warned them about the blog!
      You may like to take issue up with them separately but I will try and email my other dozen TT subscribers and grouse at TT as soon as got an hour or so (LOL) in-between things.


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