POTUS’ party pummelled – a Jerusalem connection

US CapitolPolitical pundits over the ‘pond’ earned their pay on Tuesday and yesterday! (Potus = President Of The United States)

President Obama’s party – the Democrats – were trounced in mid-term elections by the Republicans (aka GOP, ‘Grand Old Party’). The GOP decisively won majority of seats to seize the Senate and gain full control of both chambers of Congress. CNN reports this empowers the GOP to pin down President Barack Obama during his last two years in office.

However, such swings with a low turn-out of voters aren’t unusual for mid-terms, as had happened for Republican GW Bush’s second term. It makes for a ‘lame-duck’ leader, but I leave it for my American readers to debate over whether that’s new for Obama.

Now I won’t pretend to know anything about USA’s governance, but want to point out later a coincidence of Biblical relevance. (Anyone like me needing to learn more will find this BBC briefing, or a fuller Wikipedia article, are helpful – as well as fictional The West Wing TV series!)

According to The Telegraph’s Washington reporter Raf Sanchez,

“Voters vented their frustration with Mr Obama’s six years in office on his Democrat political allies, giving the Republicans a majority in the Senate for the first time since 2006…In a particular snub to the President, voters in his home state of Illinois cast out their Democrat governor and replaced him with a Republican, despite Mr Obama campaigning on his behalf…

“Although Democrats had been braced for a bad night, the results were even worse than many had feared. The President’s party lost key races in North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa – all states that first propelled Mr Obama to the White House in 2008…”

I’d like to draw your attention to Rick Joyner’s assessment in his Prophetic Bulletin – Hope & Change.

A Jerusalem connection

Students of prophecy are only too aware of the significance of Jerusalem and its pivotal importance in international affairs and events, as in my recent post on William Koenig’s alert, Nations set on collision course with God.

John McTernanWilliam and John McTernan have followed developments since the mid-1990’s and 1986 respectively. In 1996, William published his work as Koenigs’ International News (now at Watch.org) and in 2001 he became an accredited White House correspondent. With John that year, he co-authored Israel: The Blessing or the Curse. They’ve written other works and their monitoring and correlating of events related to the US governments’ policies toward Israel and its biblical land have empirically tagged causative actions against Israel directly to consequential effects upon America. There’s so many instances I suspect they’d make a scientifically proven case!

Yesterday, John blogged the following observations with links to sources,

“Obama was humiliated as he was totally rejected by the American people at the very time of the statements about Jerusalem before the Supreme Court!” (…New political dynamic)

“The American people repudiate Obama at the very time he is attacking Jerusalem!”  (…Smackdown to stop Obama)

He refers to Adam Kredo’s article, Solicitor General: Israel has no claim to Jerusalem, just as Russia has no claim to Crimea, in connecting the voting debacle with the Obama administration’s failure to recognise Jerusalem’s true status…

“…This is the most outrageous article that I ever read about a US president dealing with Israel. I was shocked, and it takes a real lot to shock me!
“God used this Supreme Court case to expose what is in the heart of this man for all to see…”

Adam’s account of both sides of the argument is well written and even-handed. It makes fascinating reading. John quotes Adam’s opening remarks,

“Lawyers for the Obama administration compared Israel’s control of Jerusalem to Russian claims over the Ukrainian territory of Crimea during oral arguments this week before the Supreme Court in a case concerning the rights of U.S. citizens to list Jerusalem as part of Israel on their passports. U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who is rumored to be in the running to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, drew the comparison on Monday while he attempted to convince the Supreme Court that Jerusalem is not officially part of Israel.

This historic case demonstrates the quandary produced by political ineptness and lack of Godly direction upon a nation.

Parents of a child born in Jerusalem wish to have the birthplace officially stated on the US passport as being in “Israel”. This has been denied because the administration’s policy is to disregard the city as a part of Israel.

Consequently, the appointed Supreme Justice seemed to argue several times it would be a “lie” for the US government to acknowledge on a passport that Jerusalem is in Israel. That is, the executive branch does not believe it to be true as a matter of policy. Therefore, the parents are asking the government to lie. [SEE PS comment below]

What is amusingly fatuous are contentions about POTUS’ foreign policy, viz:

“Obama administration lawyers argue that the case infringes on the president’s executive right to conduct foreign policy. By acknowledging Jerusalem as Israeli territory, the White House would lose its credibility in the peace process, as well as its jurisdiction to manage foreign affairs, the government maintains…”.

To the claim that adding ‘Israel’ to the passport isn’t official recognition and thus doesn’t breach policy announcement, the administration, “countered that such a declaration would harm President Obama’s “credibility” in global affairs.  Foreign governments, foreign peoples will not be able to have complete confidence that the position that the president announces on behalf of the United States is, in fact, the position of the United States,”. 

Credibility? LOL…Derisory!

Is the Solicitor General and legal team living in cloud-cuckoo land?

POTUS’ popularity has not only plummeted at home but he’s also lost any credibility he had, not only in the supposed ‘peace process’ but also in global affairs!   (My blog done in August about attempts to bring a peace deal for the Gaza war was only one of many commentaries on this issue from more expert observers over recent years: eg. see the ‘Sultan Knish’ on Why Obama hates Netanyahu.)

This leader’s defiance of the Lord’s heart toward Jerusalem and intentions thereto have led to his humiliation – he’s only to look to himself!

Also, it may be an example what Neville Johnson said of the Lord shortening the time-lapse between sowing and reaping – see point 3 in Urgent prophetic words about a cut-off time in God’s timeline.

 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. (Galatians 6:7-8 NKJV courtesy BibleGateway.com)

PostScript (10.11.14):

Dr Mike Evans writes as follows upon reading the Supreme Court transcript of Justice Sotomayor’s words:

They’re asking the government to lie,” Sotomayor said. “How could you tell me it’s not a lie?” Sotomayor asked Alyza Lewin, the lawyer representing the Zivotofsky family. “You, the United States, are being asked to put on the passport that you believe the place of birth of this individual is Israel, and the government—and the executive has said, no, we don’t think it was Israel, we think it was Jerusalem.” (emphasis added)

You will never see a better example of the folly of men contrasted with the wisdom of God!!

[US Capitol building by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee; courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

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