Update on aircraft carrier portent and King Charles’ coronation (PPU #63)

Very sadly further to Monday’s post and two (here and here) of 7th September last on the portentous timing of major problems with aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales:


This morning Chris Moyler posts on his Telegram a helpful summary as below (LOL! An American prophet who brought that word on the ship has also picked up on MSM’s great shaking, as in my post of yesterday re Fox News!):

Julie Green, in yesterday’s broadcast, speaks of a major shaking coming to the Clinton’s and to the British Royal Family.

5:20. Fall of (both of) the Clinton’s.
5:40 A great catastrophe is about to take place, that will get the world’s attention

The Monarchy is about to be exposed for their poisonous background in their history that they wanted to keep hidden.
A whistleblower is about to expose it all. (to 6:00)

(my comment:
It is unclear whether these three things are connected. They are likely all a part of the coming great exposure of all that has been hidden for a long time.)

27:15. Julie repeats these comments and adds that the LORD has been speaking about the Royal Family for some time now.

There is more going on in England than what you presently see. The LORD has spoken about Charles and Princess Diana, and He is going to take care of it.

28:15. A great catastrophe, but Israel was protected in Goshen.

29:20. Fall of BOTH of the Clintons. The Deep State, having covered their crimes many times, will NOT do so this time.
-a treason? will be their end
(to 30:50)

So we’ll keep checking for Julie’s accuracy in prophecy…she is regarding the Bidens!

3 thoughts on “Update on aircraft carrier portent and King Charles’ coronation (PPU #63)

  1. A bit worrying about the Royal Family thing. Obviously the Royal family through the ages hasn’t always been exactly squeaky clean, one way or another. But I do hope that any genuine revelations don’t bring them down. There are already a lot of people, especially young ones, who want a republic. But I’m not sure that that would be a good thing. But I’m glad Queen Eliazabeth is no longer with us, because it seems to me she was excellent.


    • Yes a far from comfortable situation, for I have strong reservations about any intrusions upon anyone’s privacy, unless of criminal nature and needs correcting with minimal publicity for sale of alerting others to danger.
      Hence, the media is wholly responsible for its responses and harassment simply to stimulate and further a purient public; for example, per the brothers’ mother.
      So am immense shaking and collapse of the MSM empires is long overdue and most welcome, in my opinion Phil.

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      • Yes…newspapers expecially, have a lot to answer for. They slant things, write shocking, inaccurate headlines..and half the time people don’t read all the information or get other views. One never knows what exzactly is thr truth of anything. Decades ago, I was in a car accident and all of us in the car had to go to hospital to be treated and checked over. Luckily we were only minorly injured. This was reported in the local paper. In the space of one very small paragraph, they made three mistakes! OK, this didn’t matter in our case, but if they manage to misreport or report in a biased way with major things, then what hope do we have of making informed opinions about anything or to know quite what to believe?


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