Is fulfillment of aircraft carrier prophecy a sign for Britain’s royals?

Here’s a word from the Lord brought by Julie Green (read in full here):

A couple of screens into the message note the last line shown:

The Lord had previously mentioned it and in saying “Again” means its manifestation is closer.  AND SO a fortnight later our newest carrier cannot sail beyond the Isle of Wight en-route to joining NATO allies’ flight trials…!!

Note during Sunday night’s unusual nationwide storms captured in Paul Jacobs’ photo  in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph – note possible significance of this event as a sign?

Caption: ‘Safe haven? Forks of lightning zigzag above aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales docked at naval base in Portsmouth harbour Sunday night. A storm caused torrential downpours and high winds, continuing into the early hours of yesterday. residents are on high alert for flooding.’

So is the Prince of Wales is unable to carry out his duties and comes alongside his frail mother at home (Balmoral esate, Scotland)??

PS INSERT (2 mins later) – 25 Aug; just published Your Enemies Are Self-destructing:

“Watch the Queen. Something isn’t how it appears to be, and the truth will be revealed,” saith the Lord.

Note, this covering remark of the new PM’s reference to our economic/energy ‘storm’ (‘Praying Medic‘ is alluding to Donald Trump’s famous adage about the ‘storm’  upon taking office

19 thoughts on “Is fulfillment of aircraft carrier prophecy a sign for Britain’s royals?

  1. From Julie Green’s website:

    “Guantanamo Bay will be in your news for an unusual reason; it may appear like.”

    “Maxine Waters is about to be exposed big time. She will lose her seat of power and lose her life as well, saith the Lord.”

    In this video, Jennifer Lea is shown Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) and Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters in a prison van. It is a short video:

    Deep State Dream – GITMO – Proverbs 28:13

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  2. Interestingly , in place of the HMS POW, the Royal Navy is sending HMS QE2 instead. I’m not sure if this fits with any prophetic significance but I’m beginning to take more notice of such things.


  3. Looking at Paul Jacob’s photo of lightning flashing above HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales: maybe a lightning bolt (Hand of God) damaged HMS Prince of Wales. Prophetically, the Hand of God is moving against Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family (Pedophiles).

    This could be prophetic overreach looking back in time, but the HMS Prince of Wales was a battleship that fought with HMS Hood in the Battle of Denmark Strait in 1941. They fought against the German battleship Bismarck and battlecruiser Prince Eugen.
    Hood was blown up and sunk. The Prince of Wales hit the Bismarck three times. Bismarck was scuttled three days later. The Prince of Wales was sunk later in 1941 in the South China Sea. The Hood and Prince of Wales both sunk in 1941: the beginning of the demise of battleships as capital ships.

    What am I trying to say? Is the HMS Prince of Wales a cursed ship? Maybe the British Navy should not name any its ships after the Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth. Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth are working against God’s will. The beginning of the demise of the British royal family as heads of state.


    • Apparently one of its propeller shafts was malfunctioning, so it soon turned around whilst near land.

      Am aware of certain claims about the royals Tim, even crazy ones of HM already being deceased (!), and seriously question that of her being outside the Lord’s will as she was anointed during her coronation before her holy oath, and always witnesses about the Lord in her live Christmas messages.

      Also, such notions about her don’t fit well with prophecies Veronika has brought, especially this week re PM Liz Truss


    • According to Stuart Slade (
      “Photographs of the battleship at 0950 (ten minutes before the scuttling order) shows her very low in the water with her main deck almost awash. At this point she must already have had at least 10,000 tons of floodwater on board and was floundering. So basically it was already sinking before scuttling. The scuttling just speeded the process up. The British Navy does not exist but the Royal Navy does. The RN have had a total of seven ships named HMP Prince of Wales. But as a republican myself I’m all for the RN giving its ships non royal names but the country tends to name everything after Elizabeth. The thought of Charles taking over concerns me. Yes Charlie appears to be working against the will of God with his WEF mumbo jumbo, his spurious business ventures/duchy lordship and the plan to be defender of faiths not the Faith. But God holds the hearts of Kings and like rivers of water turns it wherever He pleases. Who knows mate, pray for the geezer, imagine if he went down Damascus Road. At 2.55 the Hood takes a direct hit on the magazine, Full film on YT if interested in subject.

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      • dlmzb123: I saw the film SINK THE BISMARCK a number of years ago. I don’t like Prince Charles; he has ties with the WEF and was friends with Jimmy Savile, a known pedophile.

        Here is some actual footage of the Bismarck firing at Hood in 1941:

        The Battle of the Denmark Strait – a study of the Prinz Eugen film

        The Royal Navy should name an aircraft carrier after John Milton. But I am sure that will never happen. Milton was probably on the wrong side in the English Civil War.

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        • Further to add, Charles was friends with the Rev Peter Ball , convicted of abusing a young boy, Charles couldn’t grasp why the boy complained if I remember correctly and defended Ball, the young boy sadly committed suicide. The excellent book by Norman Baker ( former MP ) titled And What Do You Do ( what the royals dont want you to know ) reveals much from official sources.

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  4. dlmzb123: That was a very good documentary on Prince Charles. Powerful men who are in bed with the WEF, the Deep State or the Babylonish System are everywhere in this world. The Lord sees them and will eventually deal with them. These Deep State players definitely have power over the children of disobedience, but they have no power over Blood-washed believers–Holy Ghost sons of God. We will continue to be led by the Holy Ghost in the Kingdom as the Presence of God gradually destroys the Deep State/Babylon.

    Here is a colorized version of Bismarck’s engagement of the Hood:

    Here is a little more on John Milton:


    “When Anthony thought about the depth of God’s judgements, he asked, ‘Lord, how is it that some die when they are young, while others drag on to extreme old age? Why are there those who are poor and those who are rich? Why do wicked men prosper, and why are the just in need?’ He heard a voice answering him, ‘Anthony, keep your attention on yourself, these things happen according to God’s judgement, and it is not to your advantage to know anything about them.'”

    –Anthony of the Desert


    • Thanks Tim, you nailed it mate, nothing they do in secret is in secret, the Lord inhabits the depths, the heights, the dimensions, Linear time, non linear time. Everything will play out as God Almighty has said already, nothing can be changed in that respect. We must occupy till He comes, and pray for them that they will turn to the Lord King, thanks for the links and especially that last quote, I love it.

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  5. The photo by Paul Jacobs of the HMS Prince of Wales and the HMS Queen Elizabeth really bears witness with my spirit.

    What surprised me was that there was an aircraft carrier named HMS Prince of Wales. I knew of a Royal Navy battleship named Prince of Wales back during World War II. I did not know that a modern aircraft carrier was named Prince of Wales. I immediately thought of the Battle of Denmark Strait in 1941 and the engagement between Bismarck and Hood. To me, this is very prophetic.

    HMS Hood represents Queen Elizabeth; Bismarck represents the European Deep State. The Bismarck fires on Hood and the Hood explodes and sinks. The Deep State want Queen Elizabeth dead: she may die soon, but not of natural causes, even though she is 96 years old. The battleship Prince of Wales is also engaged with the Bismarck and hits the Bismarck two or three times. After the Hood sinks, the Prince of Wales makes smoke and leaves the engagement and runs away. After Queen Elizabeth dies, the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) leaves the Royal arena, abdicates the throne and lives in obscurity.

    The footage of the Bismarck firing on Hood bears witness with my spirit.

    A side note: King Charles I was executed in 1649. Maybe Charles is not a good name for a British king which is another way of saying that the Lord does not want Prince Charles to be king.


    • As you read in my first post of this week Tim, I’d been aware of deep significance of the start of storms for announcing the new PM, and of HMS Prince of Wales limping back not many miles to port as being unusual.
      So I was hit hard upon seeing that photo and nearly titled the piece ‘Portsmouth Portent’ as it was definitely an ominous omen.

      BUT note I heard on the 10pm news that rainbows appeared outside Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle when her death was announced at each site. Indubitably another sign from the Lord!

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    • We need to note if he will submit as did our departed Queen to the private anointing with holy oil during her Coronation as a devout, witnessing Christian. It would be wonderful for Holy Spirit to convict and convert him and bring h to repentance. We pray it become so in Your Holy Name Lord Jesus.

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      • This is it mate, Saul of Damascus was a well dodgy geezer but Jesus had other plans for the bloke and before you can say ‘orf with his head’ he was off down to Sinai to commune with the God who changed him on the road and then off to preach the Gospel like no one else has. I’m no fan of Charles nor Willy Bean his son nor any of them after Liz but I am aware that God Almighty can turn the hearts of Kings like rivers of water. If Britain is to see healing and revival and a restoration of the ancient landmarks left by our ancestors then I would expect to see the King on board and not in opposition to that. All we can do folks is lift him up to God, after all we know Gods will no man to perish, and pray that he will see the dodge he is involved with and come out at whatever cost. With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible.

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      • To be fair, a tree is known by its fruits, Charles can proclaim much but the evidence remains to be seen. If he is truly a Christian and not just a religious person feeling like he’s a Christian because he is King, British and has a Christian heritage. If he is he will not seek to bring other faiths on parity, he will not seek to change the Christian constitution in relation to monarch and parliament, he will certainly not seek to bring a communistic world order cashless digital prison were he and his long term mate Schwab and co will own everything and we will rent it from them with the small allowance they give us and be happy of course. The corruption and scams revealed in Norman Bakers book ( And What Do You Do ) need to be addressed and made right Zacceus style. Trump claimed he was a Christian, brough prayer into the WH, also brough some dodgy preachers in with him and declared when asked if he has repented that he feels he doesn’t have anything to repent of. ( Im not anti Trump ) Anyone can claim anything, Carry a bible around like recently ousted Oz PM during campaigning to con the voters. Sorry to be a bit suspicious of such claims, he does what his advisors advise. Time will tell but will be praying for him and hopeful that he truly turns to Jesus Christ the one true king.

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      • Richard: Proclaiming that you are a Christian and being a Christian can be two different things. Most or all of the U.S. Presidents have invoked the Lord’s name and used Bible verses in their speeches. It is the politically expedient thing to do.

        I hope I am absolutely wrong about King Charles III. I hope that King Charles has a relationship with Jesus Christ. God bless Great Britain.

        “He who reigns within himself and rules passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.”

        –John Milton

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