LATEST: fulfillment of aircraft carrier prophecy a sign for Britain’s royals?

There may have been a slight publication issue over previous post as WordPress admin shows it was published 4 hours earlier than when I hit ‘publish’ at about 16:55. If that’s the case then readers may have seen only partial draft because, as usual, I was writing in between domestic activities. Also, within minutes I inserted between paragraphs the following PostScript:

PS INSERT  – just published Your Enemies Are Self-destructing (25 Aug);

“Watch the Queen. Something isn’t how it appears to be, and the truth will be revealed,” saith the Lord.

Nina and I do not watch TV news but ,as we turned off a dvd episode before closing down the TV, we heard a brief announcement in ITV News. So I’ve checked and taken this screenshot from Daily Telegraph:

PS – see next post for another word to Julie Green.

4 thoughts on “LATEST: fulfillment of aircraft carrier prophecy a sign for Britain’s royals?

  1. Dear Richard

    Have been burdened for our Queen – her late Grandfather was not helped by his medics in the twilight chapter. I feel there is coercion, that’s she’s almost a prisoner……let’s not forget the Deep State influence on her eldest at last year’s Cop. She’s still an active part to play in the country Praying for her protection and health.

    Could be bang out of order of course….

    The Lord bless you & keep you

    Shalom, love & prayers Elaine ________________________________

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