Within the fortnight Fox News ousts Tucker Carlson AND Dan Bongino!! — Clever Journeys

It was inevitable Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel would rid themselves of their two most trusted men within a two week span. Today, the once most trusted news in America has parted ways with its most popular host, Tucker Carlson. Last week, they said goodbye to Dan Bongino. This is despite the fact Carlson had the most-watched show on cable news with 3.25 million total nightly viewers in March! […]   WOKE FOX NEWS OUSTS TUCKER CARLSON & DAN BONGINO WITHIN 2 WEEK SPAN — CLEVER JOURNEYS

In writing the previous post updating Veronika West’s dream vision of Biden cheating in the Nov 2020 presidential election with latest news and inserting relevant screenshots, I unintentionally added after Mr Carlson’s reference to “election interference” a third sub-head ‘MSM CHANGES ITS TUNE’.

As a matter of routine my wife and I never watch BBC News, or any others or waste time with current affairs programmes and discussions – life’s far too short!  I catch up whenever I can by scanning headlines and scan-reading a very few printed reports. 

In view of that post’s content, however, and because the business day across the USA is winding down in our evening, I wanted to know about any pertinent news and wasn’t surprised to learn about Fox News having thrown a wobbly!  So I stayed up very late to take the temperature of the ‘bubbling/gurgling media’ over the Pond’ and got a distinct sense by that ‘buzz’ the start of MSM’s great shake-down – NAY ITS COLLAPSE !

So, it was interesting this morning to find Jack Dennis had already published the above-linked, informative situation summary.

SO keep alert for an overdue overhaul of MSM back to impartial integrity and the return of truly independent, investigative journalism… 

1 thought on “Within the fortnight Fox News ousts Tucker Carlson AND Dan Bongino!! — Clever Journeys

  1. I have seen two interviews with Derek Johnson and Charlie Ward in the past two weeks. Excellent information.

    Charlie Ward said something very interesting. He said that he now has over 2 million followers. He was talking with a reporter from CNN; that reporter had 5 thousand followers.

    The mainstream media is wonderfully irrelevant especially now that Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino have left FOX News.

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