For anyone denying prophecies of Trump’s second term and of stolen 2020 election…

I humbly thank the Lord for the satisfaction this news brings because I was slandered for monitoring events to check for accuracy of some prophecies! My reply would oft’ be, “Wait and see!”

Washington D.C. storms now happening – 2: censoring 2020 US Election goes to Congress (PPU 42)

A relevant part of Veronika West’s dream (from 17 minutes mark of linked-video):

  • “He’s looking to be given the race as victor but I see the race officials look at their screens and discuss between themselves what’s happened and how the race was run and I see one of the officials stand up and look at Joe Biden and say, “You may have run the race, but you have been disqualified.”


In the allotted 5 minutes interrogation at last Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) grilled Yoel Roth – Twitter’s former Global Head of Trust & Safety – over the Hunter Biden laptop story.

In the third minute Rep Luna points out,

“What do all of these groups though have in common? And I’m going to again refresh your memory. They were all communicating on a private Cloud Server known as JIRA. Now the screenshot behind…an example of one of thousands…shows on November 3rd 2020 [RB: election night] that you Mr Roth, a Twitter employee, were exchanging Communications on JIRA, a private Cloud Server, with FISA..”

After Roth’s fumbling attempt at denial in the fourth minute Rep Luna tells him straight:

“Well I’m going to tell you right now that you did, and we have proof of it. This ladies and
gentlemen, is joint action between the federal government and a private company to censor and violate the First Amendment. This is also known, and I’m so glad that there’s many attorneys on this panel, joint State actors: it’s highly illegal you are all engaged in this action and I want you to know that you will be all held accountable!

One of my favorites from another lead-interrogator:

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2 thoughts on “For anyone denying prophecies of Trump’s second term and of stolen 2020 election…

  1. Ex-Twitter Executives FRIGHTENED After Being CONFRONTED With The Secret Twitter Files

    In the video above, a few congressmen asked a few ex-Twitter execs some questions and they basically get non-answers.

    “We helped to run Twitter, but we don’t know how we ran Twitter or exactly what went on at Twitter.”

    Bad memories are wonderfully convenient.

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