Prophetic words on the fresh outpouring – Chris G Bennett

OUT–POURINGS (14th February, His Kingdom Prophecy)

There are outpourings being claimed all over the place, and although very encouraging, I’m still not convinced that this is IT.

I’ve said many times, inspired by Wigglesworth I’m sure, that wave after wave is coming.

What we’re seeing is wavelet, after wavelet, as a precursor to the main event.

As others have probably said, “Eye has not seen, nor has the mind even imagined, what the Lord has in store for those who love Him!”

YES I’m expecting greater things

YES I believe it may well have started with these ‘tastes of Revival’

YES there’s more to come than we can even begin to imagine

And YES, there will be great opposition but God will always have His Hand of Control on everything.

HALLMARKS OF AN OUTPOURING – 15th February (Facebook)

No screens, no movie clips, no fancy lights, no got machines, no stage props, no production meetings or planning centres, no branding or promotional strategies, no big names.
Just a lot of Holy Spirit and Gospel. A lot of scripture, confession, and repentance. A rising fear of God. The Glory clouds presence.
Just people surrendered to the presence and fear of God.
God is not impressed with pretence.
Just doing again that which has worked well for 2,000 years.
It’s happening all over the place, wherever man keeps his hands off and allows God to move and control.
Asbury was the first report of many – there’s many more to come. The first little wave that precedes the tsunami.
Lord, please don’t pass us by! The Blood is on our doorposts – pour your Spirit on our house too. Have your way with us – awaken our young people and older people alike. Let your waves break over us too!
In Jesus mighty name

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