More Exposures: US, UK & Canadian bio-warfare top-brass taken prisoner by Russia!!!

Before leaving this morning for urgent unscheduled appointment I’d noted the latest by American investigative journalist Howell Woltz living in Poland, a few of whose articles feature on this blog; eg in this of 10 March > Latest on US Bio-labs in Ukraine.

NOTE WELL (click to read in full):

What do we hear about this in the West?  Here’s today’s take by Daily Telegraph, even though there’s running updates I’ve yet to see cover on the above clandestine activity, which fits with the very few historical overviews on this blog – and note Zelensky’s claims on involvement of the “most influential international mediators’ :

Personal Note:

I try to maintain an impartial disinterested stance politically and rather than follow any party or media line accord ALL authority to our Almighty Father of or Lord Jesus Christ, but note these particular issues in regard to prophecy, scriptural and Christian contemporary.
Regular readers will be aware of this reasonably disinterested reference material:

Sound background on Russia and Ukraine Situation – Dr Pat Walsh

ALSO, on Britain’s role see Dr Walsh’s later The Ukraine War For The World.

10 thoughts on “More Exposures: US, UK & Canadian bio-warfare top-brass taken prisoner by Russia!!!

  1. Sorry this is Russian propaganda. There is no evidence Ukraine have used any chemical weapons in this war with Russia nor that any Ukrainian soldiers are neo Nazis nor that the Ukrainians have been killing their own civilians to make the Russians look bad. The Russian Government led by Putin is pure evil and unsurprisingly tell lies as Satan is a liar. It ruins your whole reputation repeating Russian lies. They may have arrested some foreign soldiers but not anyone tied to bio weapons labs as they have produced no evidence at all that such exist whereas we know the Russians have them and have used them for instance in the UK to try and murder Skripal and to try and murder Navalny in Germany. Some people have also said they have used phosphorus bombs in Ukraine though it isn’t proven.  Bless you

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