Report: Diplomat complained Hunter Biden undercut anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine — Jonathan Turley

It may be time for Joe Biden and the media to go out for another ice cream scoop. Hunter Biden is back in the news in a big way.

A newly released email from the State Department shows that former U.S. embassy official George Kent raised concerns about how Hunter Biden’s influence peddling would “undercut” anti-corruption efforts in the Ukraine. The email contradicts President Joe Biden’s repeated assurances that no one has accused his family of doing anything wrong as well as his claims as a key figure in anti-corruption efforts in the Ukraine.

President Biden once bragged how he got the lead prosecutor fired in the Ukraine because of his concerns about corruption. However, around that time, his son was, according to this email, actively undermining the anti-corruption efforts with his raw influence peddling….[continue reading professor Turley on this report at…]

Report: Diplomat Complained that Hunter Biden was Undercutting Anti-Corruption Efforts in Ukraine — JONATHAN TURLEY

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