A ‘God-incidence’? The ‘Great Reset’ confronted by and retreating from The Great Awakening

Exposures continue, as prophesied.  Further to John Barber’s well-seasoned thoughts on The Millennium and The Great Awakening published last Tuesday, as re-blogged herein yesterday, on that same day political pundit Brian Cates points to the assumed culprits assumed culprits (“Very stupid rich people are behind this” as claimed by DJT) in posting the following. NB: these snippets are not consecutive – use the link to read full article:


2 thoughts on “A ‘God-incidence’? The ‘Great Reset’ confronted by and retreating from The Great Awakening

  1. Firstly, Richard, I thank you for reblogging my article. While it is always nice to get wider exposure (and what you did has certainly helped) I am constantly reminded that what we do needs to honour the Lord and if it helps folk who read what we write then that is the only human accolade we need. I am conscious in trying to link thoughts on the Millennium with those of the Great Awakening we can easily make wrong associations and what the Bible identifies as the Millennium is not necessarily what some see as just round the corner and, as for what some “truthers” see as a Great Awakening, this can easily be a deception, just like the Great Reset it seeks to replace, if we are not discerning.

    Regarding Brian Cates “assumed culprits” article, I concur with what he says and, while we don’t know what false flags the cabal are going to bring next, what we are witnessing is certainly exposing their wickedness and even heralding its downfall, as well as the foolishness of those who support them, especially among the rich and powerful. Dare I say it, it is also fun to watch as those of us who have been vilified for making our observations are now being proved right for the world to see.

    I once took the view that the world is made up three categories of persons: fools, villains and good guys although maybe none of us are purely in one camp. When I studied the Book of Proverbs in depth recently, I realised from the writer’s perspective there were just two categories – the wise (including the righteous) and the fools (including the wicked). While I welcome people waking up (happening before our eyes), which depending on one’s understanding may lead to a/the Great Awakening, I urge caution. If the Devil can’t get us by operating openly as the Prince of Darkness, he will try to do so by appearing to us as an Angel of Light. We need to continually watch and pray.

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    • Thank you for your fulsome clarification dear John, and over the weekend have had cause to recall that point of your penultimate paragraph in connection with a personal event many years before the Lord rescued me. I was blending into to extensive light and bliss of ‘nirvana’ when a curtain was drawn back to reveal devouring monster behind it all.


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