The Millennium and the Great Awakening — John Barber

The Millennium and the Great Awakening As those who read my writings and blogs know, “the Millennium” and “the Great Awakening” are two subjects I take particular interest in and have written about. For example, “Prophets of the Bible – the Second Edition” is my recently published book, and included in it is a discussion on the subject of the Millennium, as it forms an important part of Bible prophecy. “The Millennium: The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul” is a scholarly and balanced short presentation on the views Christian have concerning the Millennium, noting good Christians with overall sound doctrinal views often disagree on the subject.[…]


1 thought on “The Millennium and the Great Awakening — John Barber

  1. Although this isn’t so much ‘Christian,’ though is everything Ive prayed for, for God’s Justice to be seen to be done, with the scamdemic etc…I was very interested in a vid sent to me, (from Bernician) you may n eed to watch it a couple of times, to get the drift, but i did wonder why the ‘scamdemic’ was closed down so suddenly, I’m hoping the Midazolam/Morphine’ case, has got them worried. To quote Mr Cowper “God Moved In a Mysterious Way”I wondered why everything was suddenly ‘closed down’ as if the scamdemic had ended.(in the UK) Time will tell if the Midazolam/Morphine murders case, have something to do with it.

    Good Vibrations Podcast | VOL 206 | Michael O’Bernicia – CONVID Crime Case
    Posted on 4th February 2022 by The Bernician


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