2021..22 pivotal events: 3 – US election integrity

Dan Bongino late last night (MUST WATCH click image)

Chilling out over the Christmas to New Year holidays with minimal online time enabled me to prune and re-organise my paper copies of informative articles as well as monitor events that may relate to the November 22nd prophetic word given to Amanda Grace:

“..And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, watch the end of December leading into the first weeks of January  on your calendar, something very pivotal is set to occur…”

Also, I’ve re-numbered recent posts on this topic to include Jan6th as one specific item, so am now back at my desk for most of the day. Be prepared for a tranche of posts with screen captures…

Former US secret service agent Bongino (above ) quotes Just The News in-depth item of 4th Jan, but for ease of reading and capture, The Gateway Pundit has their finger on the pulse and theirs of Tuesday and Wednesday afford a quick scan of events:

NB: the maths: $45,000/10 x 240 = 1,080,000 illegal votes!! This is 9 times Bidens’ 11,779 ‘victory’ margin in Georgia (excluded from Peter Navarro’s estimate 601,130?) 

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