101 Christian Prophecy and a Resource for Churches

By James Mark Long; courtesy http://www.propheticartists.com

Our time-machine travels where we found the Who and Why of The Key to Prophecy return us with my promise to provide a briefing on Christian prophecy for those to whom it’s a new perspective, and as information for others.

“Blogging is like watching a book grow up” I say at the start of Why I Write… In fact, its prolific volume became not only a series of ‘books’ as rolling posts, but also a collection of explanatory static pages created in the blog’s first year, and which soon grew.

Thus, began a library of reference material in over a dozen ‘hubs’ that became a useful resource accessible through the main menu of Richard’s Watch. Please note, however,  the rapidly increasing deluge of prophecies and related events monitored has meant my regular updating of libraries fell into abeyance. 

The Introduction to the scriptural basis for and operating in prophecy covers:

    • Definitions of prophecy and prophet
    • Prophecy and Time
    • The Gift of Prophecy
    • The Protocol for Prophecy
    • Prophetic Teamwork
    • Testing Prophecy
    • New Testament’s Revelatory Book
    • Prophetic Praise & Worship
    • Prophetic Decrees & Declarations.

Rather than copy that Intro’ in full here, I’m providing links via the prophecy-related hubs for you to dip into as and when you see fit.

ABOUT PROPHECY – Info about prophecy and visions as received in Christian circles.

PROPHECY LIBRARY (1909-2017) – A veritable tsunami of prophetic material resulted in my inability to maintain this library. Post-Oct 2017 entries appear in Prophecy Today tag, as well as under a prophet’s name-tag (see below).

PROPHECIES – FULFILLED – Prophecies published on this site that are coming to pass, or moving towards fulfillment, plus updates (latest February 2021). To read all  postings (over 300!) click on Prophecy Fulfilled tag.

PROPHECIES – ON BREXIT – NB: Being politically non-partisan my main motivation is to follow the Lord and assist in bringing His Kingdom on earth. Noting prophecies issued in Nov-Dec 2015 about the EU, I was compelled to blog on this topic as we approached the 2016 Referendum and especially with the purpose of checking the accuracy of those words:


More UK-related information may be found below (reverse alphabetical order):

Selection of prophecies brought by recognised prophets and teachers/pastors under Holy Spirit’s unction and quoted on this blog appear under the following tags:

ALSO, see brief introductions to these oft’ blogged prophecy-related topics:

Invisible Jigsaw

God’s ‘GPS’


Your comments are warmly welcome (NB: Comments Caveat & Prophecy Protocol on homepage sidebar).

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