UK Press headlines Biden’s bent FBI attack upon parents – Deep-State intel

Further to my previous posts on deeply suspicious activities of the once-respected FBI and of Biden’s Attorney General Garland on their treating parents of school children as domestic terrorists, this can only lead to the demise of the Democratic Party:

NB: Parents are vociferously against pornographic books in school libraries, transgender assaults in toilets, degradation of children’s identity by means of critical race theory.


For more on Biden’s role read The Christian Post’s Biden Admin Collaborated with School Board Group on Controversial ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter, as I reported in:

‘October Surprise’ Newsmix 1 – God’s pulling the plugs out!



For a very informative well-researched historical background on Obama’s rebuilding and manipulation of US intelligence services and the FBI’s new role enforcing a totalitarian political agenda, go to this paper which I’m printing for weekend reading:

Source:  The Fourth Branch of United States Government  The normal 3 branches of government in a democracy built upon the Christian principles enshrined in the Magna Carta are Parliament/Congress, Judiciary, Executive.

Also, see yesterday’s Gateway Pundit (images link to reports):

“It Just Outraged Me So Much…What’s Happened with This Great Organization We Worked With?” – Ex-FBI Agent States the Obvious About Raid on Roger Stone

FBI Raids Home of County Clerk and Whistleblower Tina Peters — The State Official Who Refused to Wipe Election Data from Computers Without Making a Copy

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