Update on shaking of the US Deep-State

Screenshot 1: https://thefederalist.com/2021/11/16/the-big-russian-collusion-coverup-must-end-with-john-durhams-report/ – Ron Johnson, Rep Senator for Wisconsin concludes

‘…The perpetrators of these crimes count on the fact that the public and media lose interest over time, and the complexity of uncovering the truth in bits and pieces will keep the full story hidden for years, if not forever. But the importance of getting to the bottom of this political dirty trick cannot be overstated.

This deep-state and political corruption has had a profound impact on our body politic. Although it’s ignored by Democrats and the media, President Trump’s supporters are well aware of what has transpired. We may not yet have all the specifics, but we have a general sense of the depth of the deception and the grotesque inequity regarding federal investigations and the administration of justice.
The disparity in how federal authorities are investigating and prosecuting the 2020 summer rioters versus those who simply attended the Jan. 6 Capitol protest without engaging in violence is noticed. The mainstream media’s obsession with Jan. 6 while sweeping the more than 570 summer riots under the rug reduces their credibility and deepens the political divide. The lack of any media apologies for their award-winning but false reporting of the Russia hoax is shocking but not surprising.

The only way to begin restoring faith is with full transparency and accountability that includes severe penalties. Unfortunately, people can initiate and participate in political dirty tricks without committing a crime. That is why, at a minimum, Durham must provide a complete report on all he has learned, and Attorney General Merrick Garland must make his full report public. The cover-up must end.’

Screenshot 2 (below): https://thefederalist.com/2021/11/12/why-special-counsel-john-durham-is-investigating-the-brookings-institution/ – senior contributor to The Federalist, Margot Cleveland, concludes her 8-page ‘101’ (intro’ briefing),

‘…Given the extensive relationships between the various government employees pushing the Russia collusion hoax, Clinton cronies, and the individuals connected to the Brookings Institution, it would be shocking if Durham did not broadly subpoena Brookings, seeking all information related to the various players and the Russia collusion investigations, including communications between the various Clinton players, Brookings, and Crossfire Hurricane and former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigatory teams.

Cavadel, the general counsel for Brookings, did not respond to a request for comment from The Federalist. But if Durham keeps talking through his indictments, no comment may be necessary.’

Screenshot 3 is noteworthy as my attempts to share to Farcebuk failed on the  grounds of users reporting abuse!  Hardly surprising in view of its CCP allegiance – and note this header’s allusion to Jesus’ parable on harvesting of wheat and tares (Matt 13)!

Source: https://x22report.com/aiovg_videos/ep-2628b-harvest-has-been-prepared-soon-be-delivered-to-the-public-discovery-stage-is-set/

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