End-times Update: a brief chat on where we’re at…Revelation-13

My explanatory note On this blog’s coverage of prophecy and politics posted 12th October brought an interesting discussion after I’d linked it to my personal Facebook because I believe we’re living in the times foretold in Revelation chapter 13. So to clarify, I then expanded that part of my post as follows:

“I’m of the opinion we’re currently living through, or else moving into, chapter 13 – for not only did the Revelation 12 astronomical sign appear 4 years ago, but also I heard in July 2020 that “maSk is only 1 letter away from maRk” (confirmed later). That is, a trial run has been conducted, or ‘grooming’ as Gilad Rosinger says, to prepare and test the public for compliance with and accepting the Mark of the Beast, which replaces cash – millions now wave a hand to buy goods!! [See End-times Update: Mark of the Beast Moves Into Next Phase – Time to WAKE UP!]”

The subsequent public discussion thread is below (pls excuse editorial oddities arising from Fbk’s reams of hidden formatting – have retained my own hyperlink to break up monotony of black text). I pray this will bless you…

Richard Barker Thanks everyone for your good points and have pondered over them in quiet-time and recommend re-visiting Matt 13:36-43 where Jesus explains the ‘Kingdom mystery’ (v 11) of the end-time harvest and how it gets reaped – this is what we’re seeing as the ripening tares include DS cabal.
In my reading I don’t recall any eschatologists who include that definite end-time teaching of Jesus into the whole scenario. Do you know any?
Andy Davies – Richard Barker Ah, is that what Chris meant by “Lord’s Divine Reversal?” I knew about Matt 13:36-43 but thought it was something else.
A thought re this v impt parable:
Jesus refers to the two harvests that would take place at the end of the Age.
He didn’t say “in the Day of the LORD,” did he? The DoL is a far shorter, far more intense time in future history, ie at the end of the final 7 years. It brings to a final end the reign of Antichrist.
The end of the Age is NOW! But that does not mean that the time between now and the DoL couldn’t be as long as several decades!
The prophets have spoken clearly about the vast heavenly Host, that awaits the LORD’S command to go!
What if the gathering of the tares is a process that begins NOW, and that continues until DoL?
What if the rolling back of evil, that results from this gathering of tares, allows the LORD to shine his glory upon his people NOW, in a wholly new, and completely unprecedented way?
Would such a scenario be possible? I now believe that it could be perfectly possible, without doing any violence to this most famous Scripture!
This is a wholly new, intriguing and delicious new thought for me, personally speaking.
As in so many of these end times Scriptures, a reworking of theology is required, and NOT a revision of Scripture- two very different things!
God bless you
Chris x
Richard Barker ACE, dear Chris Moyler we’re agreed. So pleased you’ve summarised my thoughts as am offline most of today as it’s start of our weekend. Will reread and cogitate ..
Simon Copley
As Francis Schaeffer always reminded us, God is not only sovereign over some religious sphere but over all of life. Thy Kingdom come and thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…
Richard BarkerYes indeed Simon
Chris MoylerDear Richard,
You say here that you believe that we are in Rev 13.
For certain, the spirit of Antichrist is very active at this time, but ch 13 refers to the final 42 months that immediately precede Christ’s return, and which therefore conclude this present age.
It’s v hard to see how that fits with this present time?
Have you previously penned on this in more detail? Just Trying to join the dots!
God bless you.
Richard BarkerThanks Chris. Of necessity I had to dash that post off quickly but have now expanded my para on that, with a link on Rev 12 and the Mark, and copied into above intro. Otherwise I haven’t gone into any depth because joining the dots of the expected manifestation of all eschatological scripture is a far from easy – eg where does extraction of the ‘tares’ come? Both harvests (crops of wheat and tares) are almost fully ripe!
Chris Moyler – Just a quickie. I believe we remain through the final 7 years, and that both reapings take place at the end of that time.

As for “Almost fully ripe.”
No, not by a very long way!
The Bride must first come into her full maturity, in order that the glory of God be fully demonstrated THROUGH her, thus fulfilling John 17.
Many decades, I believe, until we hit Rev 13.
And the Abomination of Desolation, in Jerusalem, has to come first! That is the only specific time marker that the LORD has given us, until the later changes in the sun and moon come, immediately prior to his arrival:
Matthew 24:29 The Coming of the Son of Man
“Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”
Richard BarkerAs previously dear Chris agree in the main yet I am, however, mindful of the quick vision that dropped into mind a few weeks ago during a Spirit-filled Catch The Fire zoom meeting. It was of a wide field ripe for harvest but the crop resembled the top of a large cake, bright gold on one side and brown-yellow on the other. Then a large hand came down precisely along the edge of their intersection to separate them. There was no sense of timing other than being suggestive of a ripe crop. There was nothing further, but I presume a wide cake knife would scoop and remove the unpleasant part and save the best for last!
Chris MoylerFor certain, this is a time of separation! And that is a v good thing! C
Richard BarkerChris Yes I recall you saying so previously but I distinctly heard the Lord stun me by putting “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” when I went to check that parable in 2008-9! And Dr Stone says CV19 is satan attempting to shorten timescales and thus made an ‘illegal move’.
Richard BarkerRe signs in the sky dear Chris. These may well be a lot sooner than expected according to visions our dear pastor friend Christopher Wickland had, as recounted with other material in this blog a few months ago >
Two visionary signs of the sun
Two visionary signs of the sun

Two visionary signs of the sun

Andy Davies – I’ve been following this guy for a few years now and he and others are on the money when it comes to events of Revelation 13 etc………..

Hope For Our Times – Hope For Our Times – Pointing People to the HOPE of Jesus
Hope For Our Times – Hope For Our Times – Pointing People to the HOPE of Jesus

Hope For Our Times – Hope For Our Times – Pointing People to the HOPE of Jesus

Andy Davies – His YouTube channel is – https://www.youtube.com/c/HopeForOurTimes/videos
Chris Moyler – Hello Andy Davies I listened to one broadcast. The impression I got is that the Antichrist agenda is advancing rapidly. I didn’t hear anything about the LORD’S DIVINE REVERSAL.
Simon CopleyI have to confess I’m a bit dubious of the mask-mark thing. As if God deals, primarily, in English? Is this kind of “sign” happening in other languages?
Richard Barker – Wouldn’t know Simon but I believe our Father knows and can speak in earthly tongues. As blogged a few times, the meaning of what I heard was confirmed within days from a messianic jew who also covered the scriptural aspect of masks. The same words were repeated to Robin Bullock’s daughter-in-law and who, upon talking about that in public, suddenly had the same insight I’d been given! Hope that may help.
Chris MoylerDear Simon I see this mask thing as a test by the Cabal, to measure how compliant we will be. A trial run of the much more severe control to follow……but for the grace of God. By God’s mercy. The Cabal is being exposed, as never before in history! An amazing time of grace and glory is, even now, breaking out on the earth. Great reports from Mario Murillo in California. And much much more to come!
Richard Barker – PS Simon Copley FYI a confirmation >
Is US military about to act? PLUS confirmation of prophetic insight on ‘maSk’ and ‘maRk’ of the beast!
Is US military about to act? PLUS confirmation of prophetic insight on ‘maSk’ and ‘maRk’ of the beast!

Is US military about to act? PLUS confirmation of prophetic insight on ‘maSk’ and ‘maRk’ of the beast!

Simon CopleyChris Moyler yes I would agree with that!
Angela Samuel Chris Moyler Amen

Angela SamuelChris Moyler – We are in the Time of Exposure thank you Jesus I have been sent on assignment in Jesus Name I cannot share, but it’s Time to Expose everything in Jesus Name.

Richard Barker – YES indeed it is Angela, so much so that in the last 5 years I’ve posted approaching 200 reports on it since the Lord dropped it into mind, as told in A passing thought becomes fulfilled prophecy (#10.1)
Chris MoylerDear RichardRobin Bullock’s message is now “private” on YouTube Do you please have any alternative source? Tky. C

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