Badge of Honour – Richard’s Watch suppressed; so is something HUGE coming?

Roger J, who alerted me last week from southern Africa to Dutch Sheets on his friend Chuck Pierce, emails with news that Google is suppressing this blog. He writes as below – emphasis mine – and  puts his subject title as;

 Richard… Something huge is coming

Hi Richard, Just an fyi here.  I have learnt from experience in opening Google and searching for your site that there is a direct relationship between US current events and your website position in Google. Whenever it looks dodgy for Biden et al, your site is deliberately lowered by several items in the search rankings, as if to throw people off the scent. Today when I went to open your site, it was nowhere to be seen…even after 15 pages of searching. Only when I added “Jesus’ return” to my search criteria did I find your site.

Something huge is brewing mate!’

I trust this blog won’t disappear altogether when I get around to posting follow-ups,  the titles of which I’ve drafted, to last week’s items on prophecy and US politics.

Therefore, my reader, if you don’t get notifications of my postings and wish to continue reading this blog, you may wish to consider hitting this site’s ‘follow’ button.

So, I’m quickly posting this to interrupt my trilogy on Revelation 13 by scheduling for Tuesday morning…

PS: UPDATE @12:47 26 Oct

Hi Richard, (and dear Google warden – we love you, actually…read on and see)

The Google warden responsible for overseeing your site had by today kindly re-instated your website visibility on the first page, albeit a few entries below the norm, probably the threshold of AI oversight. Whoever you are, thank you very much. May the Lord bless you and keep you from negative repercussions. Some advice: read Richard’s personal story, easily accessed from the index, and then observe carefully the fulfilment of various prophetic words. Choose any you like, and you will soon see how accurate they are. Fear not – you are greatly loved by our God and His Son. Just trust in Him and in His saving blood. There are many stories in the Bible where employees of the Roman government found favour and mercy when they treated His servants as you have done.

Kind regards

Roger Jervois

6 thoughts on “Badge of Honour – Richard’s Watch suppressed; so is something HUGE coming?

  1. I was unable to access the internet through any device starting on Friday afternoon and continued until I asked a man of God to pray; its obvious they want to suppress the Truth of God and keep those who don’t know Jesus, therefore don’t know God, deceived, believing the lies, falsehood, deception, control by fear, manipulation, bewitched under their sorcery deceiving all the nations.
    Thank you for standing STRONG Richard and speaking the Truth in Christ and Christ in you. May the Church awaken and arise! May the Bride awaken and arise! May the Word be King of kings and Lord of lords over all! May the Will of God be done on earth AS it is in heaven! May the Spirit fall on all flesh and the sons of God be revealed, led by the Holy Spirit!

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