End-times Update: 666 phase 1’s trial complete; phase 2’s app now in shops!

[Published 26 Oct 2021]

‘He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.(Revelation 13:16-17 NKJV Biblegateway.com)

End-times Update: ‘Mark of the beast’ moves into next phase – TIME TO WAKE UP!

Further to my above-linked post, the trail run of, or grooming for, public compliance for wearing masks plus stopping payments in cash during the covid-19 pandemic has been a complete success. The next phase of readying people to take the Mark of The Beast was reported in last Tuesday’s Telegraph:

Since that ‘checkout-free’ shop opened, however, Tesco has suffered a massive cyber attack for two days last weekend. No doubt, the Lord is amused in Psalm 2 fashion?

10 thoughts on “End-times Update: 666 phase 1’s trial complete; phase 2’s app now in shops!

  1. Richard do you recall my vision from 2015?

    I have seen this vision for approximately 2 days now so I am going ot post it now. In the vision I see a checkout line in a grocery store. This in and of itself is no big deal. However, what I see beyond that is.  Like I said, I saw people standing in line waiting to purchase groceries but they were not doing so with credit cards, debit cards, or cash. They were waving the back of their right hand over a scanner in order to pay for their groceries. In addition, I saw military personnel with machine guns  present as watching over what was going on. It almost seemed like a ration line you would see in a soup kitchen except that this was a store and groceries were being purchased. However, it could too mean that the food supply was being controlled and it was being rationed. It is no coincidence that this was a grocery store in the vision as food is a basic necessity and one where, if you were not a Christian and did not know God as your provider, you would think nothing of getting the mark.

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    • That is so frightening. And most young people would just see this as brilliant (being cashless I mean, not men with machine guns). Already in the UK it would seem like quite a lot of younger people mock us old ‘fuddie-duddies’ because we stick with cash and not every one of us is au fait with modern tech I do use both card and cash…I hate to be without cash..and some shops actually do only take cash.
      We went to Paignton in the summer and I needed to use the public toilets. You had to use your card to pay 30p to get in! I daresay they were thinking about Covid, partially….but I can see all this easily leading up to the Mark of the Beast. But what would my older friend do? He only has a cash card, no debit or credit card, only a basic phone, not ‘smart’..and always withdraws money to pay in cash, and big bills he pays by cheque.
      And more and more parking meters we have to use a card or ‘Ring-go to pay :(. Also many public phone boxes only take card. I fear for my children and grandchildren. May God protect us all and also those who do not yet have faith in Christ.


        • I don’t blame your wife for not wanting the app! Aside from any potential mark of the beast scenarios, phones, apps and anything digital and electronic can break down, lose signal (even if you can get a signal!), run out of battery in the case of a mobile etc. A teenager recently wanted to get from college several miles away back to near where we live, by bus. He got really shirty with the bus driver because his mobile had died and he couldn’t pay the fare! (And of course, I don’t suppose he could phone a parent or someone to get a lift back.) So if things go more and more this way, I can quite easily see why the next step might be an electronic ‘mark’.


  2. The problem I have with this and similar theories is that GOD said “all” therefore we have to assume “all” either accept or refuse this mark. Now, either this is some way off in the far future event or it relates to something entirely different than a physical reality. If we are to assume this is a physical reality and that “all” either accept or refuse then we have some serious work to do to make sure that virtually every human on earth is in line with this including every tribe known and unknown in South America, Australia, Tibet and so on. No, I do not believe we are talking about a physical idea that must be accepted, this is a spiritual reality. GOD already told us what it is. All those who are His are already marked. We are marked by His Holy Spirit. Those who have accepted the fact that we are all sinners and without hope apart from GOD’s salvation are already marked. Those who have refused this truth are likewise marked. This has been an ongoing process since Cain murdered Abel. Don’t ask me how GOD has managed to reach into the heart of those who have never been told who Jesus is but I am sure He figured out a way. Watchman Nee (a terrific Chinese Christian author) has written on how GOD is able to reach those who have never heard of the Bible or Jesus for that matter yet GOD is not without His ways. I am perfectly fine with disagreeing with me, doesn’t bother me in the least. I could be wrong but at this time I do not think so. However, I have changed my mind frequently throughout my life. Mark Jenson

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    • Thank you so much for your interesting, perceptive contribution Mark – and there’s more on my Fbk!

      The prime purpose of this post is to show the hater of humanity’s strategy on earth is actually proceeding with preparing the world to use, without any regard for the ordained consequences, an alternative means of buying and selling by means of the age-old process of exchanging cash or goods. (See Tim Shey’s comment in previous ‘Badge of Honour’ post and link to ‘War in the Heavenlies’ https://hitchhikeamerica.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/17-may-2017-the-anointing-breaks-the-yoke-of-sin/ )

      Some prophets consider it’s an illegal one being ahead of its time, thus the Lord is also taking definite action to ensure millions of not-yet saved souls are harvested before the fullness of Time as shown to Apostle John.
      I agree with you on that marking for I saw it on me a few years after my rescue – and what you say accords with the Mystery of ‘predestined’ salvations.

      However, it isn’t God who says ‘all’ in Rev 13 re the Mark because that chapter is to be read as sequential description of events driven by the dragon and how it delegates its authority to wage war on the saints. Also, ‘all’ may imply it happens after the rapture of the saints, but Rev 15:11-2 clearly refers to those who will be victorious over the beast and the image, mark and number

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    • Yes, I have read somewhere something similar in the past. It may well be a spiritual thing rather than physical….or both. However, if one literally cannot buy nor sell without the mark, then how would Christians survive? Unless God provides. So many questions. Of course, I would imagine that some people would think that Christians would already have been ‘raptured by then. Who knows? Someone I know told me that God showed them that anyone who had taken the mark could repent have it removed (or something like that…this was years ago).


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