Sidney Powell says, “It’s not over!” — The Marshall Report

VOTER FRAUD OFF THE CHARTS – Sidney believes ‘WE WILL STILL WIN’! Watch video: BEK TV –

Sidney Powell is not going to give up and the evidence she has, once she can get a court to listen is off the charts. Remember, last November Sidney told us that people in Germany saw the results before the Dominion machines were seized: Trump received 410 Electoral College votes and Joe Biden received 128 Electoral College votes. Trump even won California!

You just don’t steal those kind of numbers and believe the people are going to sit down and believe you, let alone steal the most historic numbers in the history of the United States from President Donald J. Trump! Sometimes we just have to slow down and look back at what we already know one more time. Especially when we are engaged in a propaganda war with liars shouting lies day and night.

This time we are NOT GOING TO ALLOW THEM TO LIE TO OUR FACES AND ACT LIKE IT IS ALL TRUE. Their days of fraud and deceit are coming to a full end. […continue reading at…] GOOD MORNING! SIDNEY POWELL SAYS – IT’S NOT OVER! — THE MARSHALL REPORT

NB Fakebook censors the above image:

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