Superb testimony of healing akin to parable of wheat and tares!

‘Sloane Square Nanny,’ a long-standing contributor to this blog, gives the following remarkable comment upon a recent post about the USA and which I’m publishing in its own right in order to give glory to the Lord:

‘Also, on a more personal note, something I think that might help.

‘I have been caring constantly, night and day, for my daughter who was deathly ill for nearly 20 years. As you can imagine we became very close, until we became inseparable. As the years of suffering came to a miraculous conclusion when surgeons saved her life, though they had said for 2 years she could not be saved, I found myself in a strange place.

‘The Lord spoke to me and said that, when things were so tough we had grown into Siamese twins, so that we could survive the fire of the situation. Now, He told me, I must gently separate you both; a long and complex surgery, and terribly difficult at every stage.

‘Only the incredible skill of our Father Surgeon could do this. But he knew it must happen for us to live new, separate and independent lives. Little by little he separated the flesh, bones, sinews and then to the micro level of veins and the division of our dependency.

‘As I was reading today’s prophecy on American Christian Prophetic TV I saw that America is having the same kind of surgery. As you have said, the wheat and the tares grew up together, each woven into the fabric of the United States, and for a season He allowed it. But now, I believe the surgery has begun and the two are being separated, and those who love him and obey his commands will be his set-aside ones. Painful and slow, tenderly performed by our precious God, he is separating those who will not follow him, and each has its leadership, clearly defined and standing clearly there for all to see.

‘My daughter and I are now independent and free and moving on with God. There is a time to be woven in and a time to be set aside, and then a time to move. I am so proud of you all. We love you and are praying for you all. London, UK.’

Thank and praise You Wonderful Prince of Peace not only for this remarkable healing, but also for letting mother and daughter’s endurance and healing become a prophetic action and declaration of activation.  

Reference: Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43 (Bible

1 thought on “Superb testimony of healing akin to parable of wheat and tares!

  1. This is remarkably apt, I think, not just for the USA, but for Britain; could this not describe the painful separation of the “remnant” church from its traditional roots?


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