Biden under investigation! Financial dealings with Ukraine and China sought! — The Marshal Report (F/P #25.6)

Further to my mid-October Newsflash, this latest news is also covered in today’s Daily Mail (hat-tip to Jonathan Stuart-Brown). It’s 23rd example of my prophetical musing in 2016 upon the Lord exposing rotten politics in the UK, USA and EU, and sixth on Worse than Watergate Scandal (Note: over 200 examples of contemporary prophecies coming to pass, or in the process, as logged in this blog’s Prophecies – Fulfilled hub).
Joe’s Hunter becomes the hunted as the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware released a statement about a legal investigation into Hunter Biden’s “tax affairs.” Hunter is acting confident that there’s nothing here to see, perhaps because China is his backup or so he may believe and he feels his daddy will be the president. Or […] BIDEN UNDER INVESTIGATION! Financial Dealings With Ukraine and China Sought! — THE MARSHALL REPORT

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