MORE exposures: British intel rejected fabricated evidence of Russia-hoax

To read The Federalist article in full click here (extracts below) and note Derek Johnson’s latest post on his Telegram, where image can be enlarged for reading.



3 thoughts on “MORE exposures: British intel rejected fabricated evidence of Russia-hoax

      • Barbara Boyd’s article shows us how complex the political intrigue is in Washington, DC (District of Criminals) and in England (City of London). The evil Deep State web runs deep and global and probably affects most aspects of our society. It can be very disconcerting to most people: who has the power to take down all of these evil people and put them in prison or execute them for treason?

        This is where faith in the Lord God Almighty comes in. The Lord has Satan on a very short leash: anything that Satan does is only allowed by the Lord. This is why the great research of Derek Johnson and the military occupancy of the U.S government and other governments is important. I believe that the U.S. Military, working with other militaries, have all of these evil Deep State actors on a very short leash.

        We know that the FBI is absolutely corrupt–it is a terrorist organization. But the FBI is small potatoes compared to the U.S Military. The U.S. Military has so many assets, has a huge budget and has the best, cutting edge technology on the planet–and President Trump is the Commander in Chief.

        Combine the fact that military tribunals will begin at GITMO this summer and Andrew Whalen’s message from the Lord about God’s wrath on the wicked, there is no doubt that the Lord sees all and will judge all for their wickedness.

        Psalm 92:7: “When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever.”


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