7 years on, exposures gather momentum: 1 – UK politics, a must read!


May 2016 drew to a close and news over the ‘pond’ in preparing for 2017 presidential elections led me into prophetically ‘pondering’ whether the Lord is exposing political rot and corruption, not only there and here in the UK but also in Europe’s federation. As things did indeed begin emerging and warranted a sub-page Exposure of Corruption within this blog’s Prophecies – Fulfilled, it became impossible to keep it up-to-date!

Now we’re approaching 400 posts tagged ‘Exposure’, I believe a brief reference to a few of latest items of each category is warranted.

UK – Scotland:

We’re all well aware of investigations of financial fraud in the Scottish National Party through its previous leader Nicola Sturgeon’s husband. It is one way of the Lord not only exposing corruption but also removing a vociferous supporter of transgenderism, even denying its proven danger within prisons!

UK – England:

1. More truth is emerging concerning both leading political parties in my homeland. First Labour and the civil service enquiry into the Boris Johnson government’s breaking the  rules they set for Britain during Lockdown:

Source:  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2023/05/03/sue-gray-no-pay-labour-keir-starmer-controversy/

ALSO, we must not overlook how much was exposed by the investigative work of Isabel Oakeshott and team in publishingThe Lockdown Files.

For an interesting alternative assessment see https://www.ukcolumn.org/blogs/the-lockdown-files-psyop

2. Therefore, the Tories disgraceful censorship and removal from their party of Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen is utterly devoid of any legitimate excuse:

Source: https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/standing-up-to-be-counted-andrew-bridgen-mp-speaks-to-uk-column-about-covid-19-policy-and

I’m grateful to Ben Kay for this MUST READ summary circulated to intercessors.He writes:

‘In this excellent interview the backdrop for the interviewer, Brian Gerrish, is the wonderful Plymouth Sound. The backdrop for the interviewee, Andrew Bridgen (Member of Parliament for NW Leicestershire since 2010) includes a photo frame with the phrase, ‘FREEDOM IS IN PERIL – DEFEND IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT.’

Andrew Bridgen’s Twitter Feed is particularly enlightening and, amongst other things, includes a wide variety of credible sources highlighting the mountain of evidence that jabs are neither safe nor effective.

Encouragingly, on Sunday 23rd April, Andrew shared an insight into ‘how I fight my battles’ by sharing the following link with his 166,275 Twitter followers:

Surrounded (Fight My Battles) [Official Lyric Video] – Bethel Music feat. Kari Jobe | Peace

The UK Column interview with Andrew lasts for an hour. As an indication of the content, here are some quotes from the interview:

> ‘I’ve had huge support from the Jewish community…25 of the world’s leading Jewish scientists and doctors have written an open letter to Number 10 complaining that I should have the whip put back immediately and that falsely accusing people of anti-Semitism, diminishes anti-Semitism, and also raising concerns that stopping free speech is the first sign of a Totalitarianism regime…’ [10mins]

> ‘I had growing concerns with the whole pandemic response. It didn’t seem to be scientific or following the science. As I’d also studied ‘behaviour’ I was getting very concerned about the ‘nudge unit’ at Number 10 becoming the ‘shove unit’. [12mins]

> ‘it’s probably 1 in 800 of those taking a [Covid] dose is at risk of a severe adverse event…’ [15mins]

> ‘the government has gone from a position of wanting to vaccinate everybody, down to babies of 6 months, to nobody under the age of 75…and I would point out that in America, they are vaccinating babies down to 6 months, which is appalling.’ [16mins]

> ‘the Government policy was pure Project Fear and I was very upset that vulnerable members of my constituency became collateral damage of that, and they think it’s a great success but I don’t agree with that…we’ve damaged our children…’

> ‘I started checking on the science and was getting reports of vaccine harms…and the government data did not ring true…and once they said the science was settled and no-one can challenge the narrative of the ‘safe and effective’, that isn’t science at all. Science only works by challenge.’ [26mins]

> ‘…when I saw eminent scientists, Nobel prize winners being abused and closed down on social media for raising legitimate concerns…that’s tyranny…and when they went for the vaccination of babies, I couldn’t stand back anymore…’ [28mins]

> ‘[there are] clear, obvious signs and scientific data that is out there that the vaccines are not safe and not effective…and from the government’s own data, we should have stopped rolling them out a long time ago.’ [30mins]

> ‘I really would urge anybody to check the science out for themselves. I think the risks from repeated use of these experimental vaccines far outweighs the risk of hospitalisation or death from Covid 19 itself, especially the Omicron variant.’ [31mins]

> ‘what we were told was not actually correct. We were told the vaccine would stay in the injection site and we know now that for most people it travels all over the body and into all the organs…there’s a lot of evidence now that people who have had multiple boosters are more likely to contract Covid-19 or any other virus because of the damage to their immune system…[32mins]

> ‘…I think this will go down as the biggest health scandal in the world and Big Pharma have a history of all of this… [36mins]

> ‘those elderly people were vulnerable…and when you start reading NG163, which was authorised by Matt Hancock and the Department of Health at the end of March [2020], if you read that protocol, it’s effectively the Liverpool Pathway, which we voted in Parliament in 2014 to end. That was reinstigated…’ [45:45mins]

> ‘and the use of Midazolam and Morphene…Midazolam was a respiratory depressant. Why, anyone suspected of having Covid-19 (which affects respiration), you’d give them something that would make their respiration even worse, and when you add morphene at the same time as Midazolam, it exacerbates the effects, well, no-one put on that medication is going to get off it…10-25 hours – that’s an end-of-life pathway. And a lot of people feel their relatives were put on that pathway unnecessarily, and their end was hastened. I’ve got a lot of evidence given to me on this matter and I think there will be court cases…And that was replicated around the world where Remdesivir was the drug of choice…but the results were the same.’ [46mins]

> ‘There’s [currently] two issues with the World Health Organisation. There’s the post-pandemic treaty…but there’s also changes to the international health regulations…on both items the WHO want to takeover when they call a pandemic…they would take over our health care policy, lockdown policy, mandates for vaccination. It would be a huge transfer of sovereignty from Parliament in the UK to a supranational body that is unaccountable and unelected, and pretty much discredited given their performance in the last pandemic.’ [49mins]

> ‘I think it says a lot that the WHO have no interest in getting to the bottom of where this virus came from.’ [50:40mins]

> ‘But we need to debate it otherwise I see us in another situation where we have a pandemic called, and this legislation has been sitting there not debated for a long time and then the house gets called in and they say it is an emergency…there’s no debate and [within 24 hours] there is a vote on it…and have effectively ended democracy and political accountability…’ [55mins]

> ‘no-one wants to talk about…excess deaths…which was 63,000 in England and Wales last year…what we’re seeing in the UK and around the world, especially in the countries that are heavily vaccinated is continuing excess deaths often at rates higher than we had in the pandemic but no media wants to talk about it and no-one wants to talk about it in Parliament either but this is sadly something that effects every community…’ [56mins]

> ‘The threats that our democracy faces now with the digital ID and the potential digital currency, and we can see a banking crisis coming and developing over the summer…the WHO treaty…we could be living in a very different world very shortly…’


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