Texan Jack asks why Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, RFK Jr. and Americans are persecuted by the Democrat Party!

Why is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. censored by media? Why are Americans being arrested for voicing their opinions against the Biden White House? Why does the Democratic Party support drag queen shows for children including grooming and sexualization? Do the Dems include transgender insanity (pro-hormone therapy, genital mutilation) so schools can transition children without parents’ […]  Why are Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, RFK, Jr. & You Being Persecuted by Democrat Party? — Clever Journeys

ANSWER? > Is it not because we’re living through either, or both, chapters 7 and 13 of the books of OT prophet Daniel and The Apocalypse foreseen by Jesus’ Apostle John?

PS: This proposal is too sensible for the ‘politburo over the pond’…

2 thoughts on “Texan Jack asks why Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, RFK Jr. and Americans are persecuted by the Democrat Party!

  1. I believe a lot of this persecution of Trump, Kennedy and others is because of CIA and CIA influence in the mainstream media (Operation Mockingbird). The Deep State controls most of CIA, the MSM, Democrat and Republican politicians, etc.

    There has been enmity between the Kennedys and CIA for many years–probably before CIA was founded. The precursor to CIA was OSS (Office of Strategic Services). When OSS was formed, Bill Donovan hired many or mostly Ivy League graduates or WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestant). The WASPs shunned the Kennedys (Joe,Jr and JFK) while they were at Harvard because the Kennedys were Irish-Catholic. My guess is that some of the members of Skull & Bones were recruited by OSS and, later, CIA. George H.W. Bush was Skull & Bones and later became head of CIA. Some people believe that George H.W. Bush helped plan the assassination of JFK in 1963.

    RFK, Jr – Enmity between the Kennedys and CIA (21:30 – 23:00)

    “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”


    I was reading Ben Bradlee’s book on JFK many years ago. The title is CONVERSATIONS WITH KENNEDY. In that book, while JFK was president, he ordered the sign at the entrance of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to be taken down because people didn’t need to know where CIA headquarters was located (and maybe JFK wanted it taken down because he really didn’t like CIA). The sign was taken down and then put back up a week later. JFK found out about it and quipped to an aide, “It makes you wonder who is really running this country” (or words to that effect).

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