PPU #55: More~on ‘indictment’ AND whistleblower exposures

For 55th update on checking progress of prophecies in being fulfilled, I note first this usefully informative article by Barbara Boyd – even though having antipathy to Britain – covers critical historic aspects of last week’s arraignment of President Trump.

In doing so she refers to what I was astonished to learn in recent months about him! For newer readers; news in Spring 2016 of investigations into Trump’s finances as he was beginning to campaign against Hillary Clinton along with many reservations on Obama, made me consider that the Lord may be starting to expose all sorts of political rot there, here and in EU. (I didn’t cover serious scandal in FIFA, soccer’s world governing body.)

However, I didn’t realise that was actually Donald Trump’s political raison d’etre too!  So here’s a few extracts from Barbara’s above report (emphases mine):

‘…we have lawfare, legal assassination or “neutralization” as they call it in their soothing security state bureaucratize, which has been systemically applied to the 45th President of the United States.  It began in 2015, when he announced his first presidential campaign…A portion of our population has been systematically brainwashed to hate the 45th President of the United States by a now eight-year security state/Silicon Valley military grade full spectrum information warfare operation….

But the portion of the irretrievably brainwashed in our country is smaller now and shrinking. Economic collapse, COVID lies, a genocidal war in our name against Russia and the mad desire to extend it to China, and, most of all, Donald J. Trump’s courage and resilience have broken the spell and that courage and resilience is contagious.  The Democratic strategy rests on controlling the cities and shrinking residual pockets in the professional and college educated suburbs.  They believe they can beat Trump in 2024 through the same tactics they used in 2020: mass psychological profiling and assaults on a dumbed down and cowardly population, continuous information war, and vote fraud.  Trump’s heroic stance, however, has now been supplemented by the action of Elon Musk, who bought Twitter and now, through the work of journalists given access to its secrets, exposed the entire brainwashing mechanism of the modern security state.

Thus, the actions of the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, intended to publicly humiliate and dethrone Trump have instead unleashed a massive popular backlash which is extending everywhere.  That backlash had already begun to manifest itself with the gun-toting FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago for overdue documents at the National Archives, back in August. Bragg’s “no there, there” indictment has now produced an unparalleled outcry based on the unanticipated arousal of Lady Justice from her apparent deep sleep in the American conscience…

…Alvin Bragg, acting as the Biden DOJ’s cat’s-paw, sanctimoniously declared that Trump somehow misled the 2016 voting public through the 2017 bookkeeping entries the indictment alleges while Joe Biden’s supporters in Silicon Valley and the intelligence community used all the powers of the state and millions of dollars to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020.  They too, have been excused…

Former lead Southern District of New York prosecutor Andy McCarthy points out that the indictment is based on the apparent inability of DA Bragg to even read a calendar:  bookkeeping entries in 2017 are alleged to have deceptively effected an election which occurred in 2016. A further major complication is the fact that Donald Trump did not make or cause to be made the bookkeeping entries in questionHe had resigned all roles in his companies and was serving as President of the United States.’ !!!!

Now some screenshots of announcements on Telegrams of more whistleblowers, as prophesied:

This leads into further consideration of ‘resident China Joe’s upcoming ‘Bye-then’…

2 thoughts on “PPU #55: More~on ‘indictment’ AND whistleblower exposures

  1. The left/democrats/rino’s forget that America Loves the under dog and that is what they are making Trump by their non stop attacks. It only makes him more supported than ever before. As they say never interfere when an enemy is destroying itself.

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