The real American crisis according to Allen West — Clever Journeys

The Real American Crisis: Executive Power

“Those who would surrender essential liberty for temporary security, will, in the end deserve neither liberty nor security.” — Benjamin Franklin

“When I hear people — even elected officials — say that America is a democracy, I just cringe,” wrote LTC Allen West (Ret’d) Chairman, Republican Party of Texas, on Monday, February 1, 2021. “This is a real indicator as to why we need to have civics taught, not just in our schools, but to adults. America is a Constitutional Republic, its fundamentals being the rule of law and individual rights.”

“However, what we are witnessing, at warp speed, is a “fundamental transformation” of America into a constitutional monarchy. Now, you may ask what the difference is? Well, it comes back to our lesson in civics.”

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Albeit published two years ago, this piece remains poignantly pertinent in examining how the once United Sates of America has been broken apart into a Biden Banana Republic!  Hence, his regime fears the MAGA movement and plots the removal of its leader, whereas the politburo’s downfall is vital for the survival of the American nation!

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