Latest on Exposures prophecy and 17 March Word (PPU #53)

You may have noticed in the previous post the Word of the Lord to Amanda Grace about this week’s events over the New York District Attorney’s proposed arrest and indictment of Donald Trump not only directly relates to what the Lord gave me about the parable of wheat and tares but also to my prophetical musing 7 years ago upon His exposing political corruption in UK, USA and EU.

Now comes news of documentary evidence of the truth at the root of this issue, over which deliberate falsehoods were erected as a strategy for furthering political purposes:

Note reference to ‘hiding hundreds [circa 600] pages of exculpatory evidence’ that can therefore exonerate President Trump but was kept secret!

2 thoughts on “Latest on Exposures prophecy and 17 March Word (PPU #53)

    • Good morn’ Tim. I was puzzled too as he’s usually so articulate but suppose he means there’s been many such indications in Q-drops, which I don’t follow. Have downloaded an ‘encyclopedia’ on it but it’s too massive at >1000 pages! Life’s too short 🙂
      Had he put it on his Fbk there’d be comments, discussion.

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