Brief Sit Rep: 1- three years later US intel on CV-19 declassified

[In an extremely busy week investigating possible hack-attack, prepping for upgrading this PC’s operating system and replacing faulty printer this morning, plus offline items,  I’m therefore posting a few very brief situation reports in items shared on this blog’s Telegram and Prophecy Validations channels. First, this which isn’t covered therein!]

Last weekend was the third anniversary of my learning from the Lord about Covid-19 being a “man-made” virus, and thus can become an engineered bio-weapon – see linked report:

Covid-19 Bio-weapon

So after all the sheer stupidity reigning globally over the pandemic, its cause and the  tyrannical imposition of such untested, experimental vaccines we’re moving toward a fuller investigation in USA of what emerged in UK as well as announced by Secretary of State Pompeo in May 2020, as reported in the first validation of that Word,:

Read the Statement in full >

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