‘God-incidental’ timing of Trump indictment and prophecies (PPU #52 & GPS #95.3)

NOW, back to last weekend’s news and my noting the most unusual announcement of someone learning that they will be arrested in a few days’ time!  We, the public, learned about it from Donald Trump himself not any police or security force or news media –  as  in my Weekend Newsmix 1: As America awakens has its ‘politburo’ taken the bait?.

To my mind there was an even weirder direct hint of its ‘coinciding’ with major sporting events not only in USA but also over here, viz: NCAA Wrestling Championship and Six Nations Rugby Championship. “OH WOTTA-COINCIDENCE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE POND”

The latter included BBC News’ hilarious ‘mix-up’ of a photo of Trump’s November ’22 conference and I included a screenshot of the standing ovation President Trump got at the NCAA. Here’s another from his close associate’s Telegram:

That event reminded me of the prophetic word Veronika West brought about the 2020 US presidential election three months beforehand (of which there’s been updates:):

A prophetic dream of President Trump’s wrestling match: part 1 – Veronika West

Part of her dream account of 28 August 2020 reads:

“..It was a fierce wrestling match — a wrestling match like one I have never seen or encountered this side of heaven.

It was a spiritual battle, a powerful spiritual contending was taking place in the realm of The Spirit.  As I watched aspects of this powerful wrestling match unfolding before me in the dream, I saw and was made to understand by The Spirit of Revelation that what I was seeing was two fold,

  • It was both a wrestling match for the destiny of a man (President Trump),
  • and a spiritual contending for the destiny of a nation, the very soul of a nation was being contented for, (The United States of America)!

As I continued to watch this wrestling match unfold before me in the dream, suddenly I heard the voice of President Trump call out during the intense battle, “I will not let you go unless you bless me and bless this nation!”

Veronika closes:

“..I heard these words, “My Covenant Promises shall be fulfilled.”

As I heard those words, I saw again President Trump and the man whom he was wrestling and suddenly the darkness that had surrounded President Trump lifted and a beautiful sunrise could be seem breaking forth on the horizon

Then I heard these words, “Trump will win — but he will walk with a limp!”

The dream ended…”

This week she reiterated the importance of this subsequent pre-election vision:

Trump in the Prison of God’s Will

“I saw Trump with his hands tied behind his back,  I heard The Spirit say, “In the prison of My Will, I have tied his hands, that I may change and transform his heart!”

On the 11th of September 2021, I was suddenly caught up in a powerful Vision, where I saw President Donald J. Trump standing on a high platform and a beautiful Red and Gold Throne was behind him.

A Gold Crown was sitting upon his head, but as looked at him, I saw that his hands were tied behind his back, and he seemed to struggling to get loose from the the cords that bound him…

..Now as I kept looking at him in the Vision, I could feel a deep frustration and aggravation rising in President Trump as he continued to try to free his hands from behind his back.

Then I saw a large table in front him, and his eyes seemed to be fixed on a pile of important governmental documents which urgently needed his attention. [Emphasis by RB]

But as I stayed watching, a deeper and deeper sense of desperation began to take hold of his heart and his mind, and I could feel his inner turmoil to be free and for his hands to be released.

Suddenly, I saw an Archangel of The LORD standing behind the Red and Gold Throne, and I saw that the Angel had been assigned to watch over President Trump, to ensure that his hands remained bound.

(This blew me away!)  But as I began to press in deeper, asking for The Holy Spirit to give me a greater Understanding and Revelation of what I was seeing unfold in the Vision, I saw the hand of The Father touch the shoulder of President Trump.

As soon as His Hand touched him, a peace came upon President Trump and he immediately stopped struggling to be free from the cords that bound him.

Then I heard these Words,…”   [RB: POWERFULLY encouraging words follow that show the Lord is in control of the situation!!]


To recap this Prophecy Progress Update, here’s how the ‘Global Prophecy Signals’ or ‘God-incidences’ seem to have fallen into place in God’s Invisible Jigsaw:

  1. News of pending arrest and coincidental sporting events with wrong video
  2. Derek Johnson’s “NOTHING is a coincidence” and Doomsday ‘Order66’
  3. Veronika West’s prophetic vision of Trump’s own wrestling match
  4. Word From The Lord published 17th March by Amanda Grace “…

‘..And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, as the name of My son Jesus Christ moves and echoes across the nation, the opposition is yelling Indict Indict! As they yell Indict Indict it shall be an Indictment against them says the Lord and their true motives shall emerge and their true modus operandi shall come forth as they yell Indict with chains says the Lord, I the Lord thy God am the chain breaker for those who humbly and earnestly come unto Me says the Lord and bear the yoke of MY Kingdom says the Lord.

And says the Lord of Hosts, those who have sought to take from MY children, those who have sought to drain them of what I have blessed them with for their obedience, you shall stumble in your disobedience says the Lord, for your harvest has come up and many tares have intertwined around the wheat and you shall not have a plentiful harvest for taking from My children, for the wheat is sparse, and you shall be humbled and brought low for you shall not speak against MY servants MY SERVANTS who have served me while you have so rebelliously walked in sabotage, destruction, and willful slander in order to plow over and get your way says the Lord, however it shall not be your way BUT MY WAY AND I THE LORD SHALL DECIDE WHAT BECOMES OF YOU FOR YOU HAVE ATTEMPTED TO ROB MY CHILDREN AND TURNED A DEAF EAR TO ME WALKING AROUND IN YOUR KINGDOM OF PRIDE AND ENTITLEMENT THAT YOU HAVE BUILT, AND SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS, THAT KINGDOM OF YOURS BUILT ON SAND AND OFFENSE SHALL BEGIN TO BE TORN DOWN TODAY says the Lord…’

Thanks Jose and Mark for notification of such a mighty word that confirms my personal prayer for the situation based upon what I heard 15 years ago upon checking the wheat and tares parable – “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” – which led into my beginning to blog:

The Endgame is now in play

[Hand and Puzzle Pieces by Anusorn P. Nachol, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

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