Weekend News-mix on exposures of political rot: “man-made” CV19 virus – Biden scandal

For this 335th update upon prophetic musings 7 years ago of the Lord exposing rotten politics in the UK and USA  (of only the news personally seen that I had time to blog) here’s some shots of items caught over this past weekend, along with BibleGateway’s intriguingly appropriate daily verses:

Saturday 21st – the significant time-stamp was definitely NOT intentional

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Telegram Channel: https://t.me/bioclandestine

Sunday 22nd:

Brian Cates’ covers this scandal on Telegram at https://t.me/riseofthenewmedia


On-topic posts: https://richards-watch.org/category/usa/treason/

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3 thoughts on “Weekend News-mix on exposures of political rot: “man-made” CV19 virus – Biden scandal

  1. Richard: About the resignation of Jacinda Ardern. Here is an email I got from AA from New Zealand:

    21 January 2023

    “Hi Tim,
    Johnny Enlow is so good. He has so much revelation, telling us to get into the Frey.
    I put my dream up on a secular website about ‘Jacinda Ardern clearing her desk’.
    The Lord told me to repost the dream and it happened 4 days later.
    As if to confirm it the number four keeps on cropping up.
    She has just made a shock resignation.
    The Lrd actually gave me the dream last year.
    Then said He would bring it about and I needn’t worry.
    I have asked the Lord for more revelation on N.Z. As no one else seems to be getting any which is why I have to go to a secular website called BFD. And put it Up there but perhaps that is the Lrds will.
    Kia Ora,

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  2. Here is another email from AA:

    24 January 2023, 10:43 AM (New Zealand time)

    “Thanks Tim for putting my Jacinda Ardern resignation dream on Richards website..
    Though NZ is a small country at the bottom of the world, Jacinda through her WEF connections
    Has had tremendous clout around the world. She has fooled everyone with her Julia Roberts “Pretty Woman” smile.
    In fact Daily Clout has got her as one of three demons alongside Trudeau and Newsome.
    Richard refers to 3 resignations, will there be 4…? I
    keep getting that number. Look at today’s date on this.We are one day ahead.

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