Father, let Your Kingdom come! – 3 September 2011

Preamble: Further to “I will lead you into restful green pastures and guide you along paths of righteousness.” (see Apologies to my readers...) and Mary Wren’s vision of landscape beyond heaven’s door and building of new structures (The Time we are living in…), I’m re-publishing this dream vision I had that relates to a word brought by Bill Johnson for the UK:

The following email submitted details of a dream I had in early September 2011. It has been weighed by the senior leaders of Winchester Vineyard Church and forwarded to Christen Forster, organiser of the Revival Alliance Gathering.

A number of elements in that dream, which happened concurrently with the event, are related not only to foundational scriptures for lead-in prophecies given in November 2010 but also to activities in the heavenlies at the time of the Gathering, as well as possibly indicating what may be about to happen soon in the UK.

Christen agreed to the dream being posted upon the Revival Alliance Gathering website as Feedback under Prophecies & Testimonials.  [2016 update: links no longer available but details may be read in the update below.]

Here’s the full email:

Email to Christen Forster,  Monday, September 19, 2011                                          Subject: Revival Alliance Gathering, Westminster, London 1-3 Sept 2011

Nina and I had booked early for the Gathering but were unable to attend. Yet I’m grateful the Lord gave the following on Saturday before the day’s meetings started:

Sat 3 Sept:                                                                                                                     

We are in an open-plan, modern office environment overlooking a town centre. Upon glancing out of one side’s extensive windows I’m amazed to see a large white cube flying very low over nearby buildings! (It’s about the size of a Hercules transport plane.) Watching, I see a few more similar cubes follow and fan out in different directions.

Then I go to look from a different quarter’s aspect to see where they’re coming from and am surprised this view is from a much higher floor and looking over a different location! I notice a couple of cubes hover and discharge some cargo, which floats down to settle on the ground – rather as furniture vans deposit items outside a house.

However, I’m seeing into a room being set up, as though the building itself is invisible! A large wooden table and its several chairs are already there as white porcelain bathroom furnishings descend, but remain hanging in space!

In a flash I understand what’s happening and, without thinking, hear myself comment aloud, “They’re setting up The Kingdom!”

Someone else watching disparagingly quips, “Oh, that’s your perspective”.

Again I’m surprised by my immediate, unconscious retort, “I studied perception at Uni!” (ie. in physics and in psychology, and am thus making a well-informed comment.)

A sudden urgency comes upon me to dash home with this news. Jumping into a car I find my normal route out of the building diverted and a huge vehicle tries to collide with me. Dodging it I drive up a slip road onto a choked road but find this very basic car becomes seriously under-powered.

So I get out to walk yet find all hard paving has turned into lush green grass of wide-open meadows. The congested road’s gone and I’m sliding down a well-worn grass bank to then run, or move, much faster than I can really run across an hugely extensive area.

I head a few dozen feet above the land, as though in a glider, and some very large object or person rushes from the left to block my path. Unfazed, I deliberately collide into it and it smashes into oblivion without halting or affecting my movement.

On the nearby horizon an unusual low building looms into view but, as I approach this destination, the alarm clock goes off!!

An initial interpretation came with great excitement in view of several revival meetings this month. I believe the Lord gave the above heading for my note of this lucid dream.

All this needed weighing BUT I didn’t expect confirmation and more insights not only in connection with the Gathering itself but also with the prophetic word reported at the Gathering’s Inception Meeting in Nov 2010!

Sun 4 Sept:

At Winchester Vineyard Church’s briefing on Sunday evening one of the attendees described the repentance of leaders at the Gathering. My spirit leapt in knowing this connected into that dream’s bathroom furnishing! (It’s symbolic of cleansing through repentance and forgiveness.)

In the dream, the bathroom appeared after table and chairs were already in place, which may mean a meeting place with purpose and authority. Then came a personal insight spoken as though from Holy Spirit, indicating only those open to Him can perceive and understand the Kingdom. Also, whatever is being set up is not within an obvious structure but fully exposed to those with ‘eyes to see’. (Perhaps, church ‘outside the walls’?)

Only later did I realise why the dream is directly connected to the Gathering. That’s because the setting was in two offices in separate locations (Reading and Croydon) where I’d worked and which came under the authority of central Dept of Environment, then located in Marsham St, as is Emmanuel Church!  [The venue for the Gathering.]

Thus, I believe the dream’s meaning is relevant to the Revival Alliance Gathering being held in Emmanuel Church and to its proceeding out into the wider Church.

Incidentally, having noted the dream under the header ‘Your Kingdom Come’, I later learned that’s the same title of the following week’s healing service in Winchester led by the Gathering’s member absent in the Ukraine – Randy Clark!

Mon 5 Sept:                                                                                                        

Happened to ‘google’ Revival Alliance and discovered website about the Gathering and read its Inception Meeting’s Report and the associated prophetic word.  I was struck especially by the latter’s,

‘It is time to build a house for me to dwell in, God who even the heavens cannot contain, will dwell in a house whose walls are the Holy Spirit’.

That’s a near description of what was in the dream, for I could see as though through invisible walls into rooms. Even so, there was a definite sense of some kind of structure without my being able to ascertain its nature. Could this indicate the invisible power and work of Holy Spirit?

However, upon checking the quoted reference to Ezekiel 42:15-19 (details of the prophet’s vision of the temple) the translations to hand imply that the walls will be material, not immaterial. YET, the dream truly fits the scripture because, as Christen Forster explained to me: “ … in those verses you will see the word “side” (as in the King James), but the word is actually “ruach”, which is wind, spirit or breath. As the winds traditionally had four directions it has been made into “sides” in English. But more literally it says, “he measured the east wind” … hence Spirit.” [It is Strong’s number 7307, which cannot be construed as ‘wall’.]

A second item from the Report is suggestive of the dream’s closing half. It’s Tim Eldridge’s reference to Paul Revere’s preparation to alert an alliance and, hence, the urgency of spreading the news at top speed – his renowned Ride into American history

Thurs 8 Sept:                                                                                                              

Then came an intriguing connection to the 14 years break in revival activities in UK, and when re-starting work on the Temple in Jerusalem, as referred to in the Report and at the Gathering.

The Lord prompted me to dig into my library for a book, The Heart of The Temple.  Quickly, I spotted in the Foreword’s first page (by Jennifer Rees Larcombe):

“How did this passion for the Temple begin for you?”

“The seed was planted in my heart fourteen years ago”, she replied!!

PS: where else have we read about fourteen years? It was the period Apostle Paul spent in preparation before his missionary trips to the Gentiles (see Gal 1:11-2:2).

UPDATE 18 DEC 2017

In view of the original 2011 links’ non-functionality, I copied my papers onto this blog’s Prophecy Library, amending all entries accordingly. The Library summarises events as follows:

Sep’11 – RB dream: “They’re setting up the Kingdom!” and urgent release of its news, as recounted in ‘Father, Your Kingdom Come’.  See also October 2011 email Acceleration in Kingdom Activity. [A similar powerful dream of how mantles of anointing are becoming available from the Kingdom came to Revd Bob Mazeroski of New Life Church, Weirton, W Virginia in 2014, as reported here.  Full details in 5th Anniversary (2016) post follows resonant words and 2009’s “ALL about to be fulfilled” word in Pivotal Prophecies Now Coming Into Play. Dream confirmed in theme, location and timing.]

Bill J Credit BethelSep’11 – Bill Johnson: at the first Revival Alliance Gathering in the UK declared ,“We would look back at 1st Sept 2011 as the day things changed in the UK.” David Pike’s replete record in  Diebach-Welldigger’s Revival Alliance Meetings in Westminster  notes Bill then said it might take time for the impact of this day to be seen and felt across the nation, but gradually it would come. In his library of ‘Revival Prophecies for the British Isles’, Chris Welch noted him as saying, “There’s something about September 1st. I believe you can write it down…‘Everything changed September 1st 2011’….understand that a Kingdom perspective sees the oak tree as an acorn…I feel like it’s a prophetic word over this country: September 1st everything’s different.”

Sep’11 – Christen Forster: a Gathering organiser later reported Che Ahn had told him that, in all the time working with him, he’s rarely heard Bill make an apostolic pronouncement of such a kind. Christen wrote, ‘Bill’s prophetic word in September was a declaration of the start of the new day, the new wave, the new season. The wells don’t need unblocking any more, the water is flowing, we just need to carry their life and refreshment into the dry places. And every week I hear stories that confirm that word.’


2 thoughts on “Father, let Your Kingdom come! – 3 September 2011

  1. It all lines up with a prophetic word given by Keith Powell of Somerset County area in December 2010 I believe. I’m posting the contents here as I first read it, took note, and have kept a copy ever since.(After having trouble finding his words in print anywhere else I sent my copy to New Life Christian Center for confirmation of the contents, and they verified its accuracy).

    In this prophecy he used the word ‘pivot’ which lines up with a mind-boggling vision I had from God in 1996 at a Vineyard Christian fellowship in Nova Scotia, wherein I saw myself standing outside on lush green grass with an azure sky overhead and the Lord’s right arm appeared in the heavenly realms. He gave me the word ‘pivot’ as well, and said He’d use me as a pivot on which to rest His arm as He pulled it back (and later extended it again in another vision I had on the date of Trump’s inaugural address in January 2017 – at that time all of North America looked like a field of grass and the Lord’s arm worked like a lawnmower, cutting all the grass from the south to the Arctic regions). Here’s the prophetic word from Keith Powell:

    In 2010 Somerset pastor Keith Powell had spoken at New Life Christian Centre, Wembley, U.K., the following:

    As a farmer, I’ve been farming most of my life, and that’s where God started speaking to me in Somerset, on some hills called the Quantock Hills. … The main word I want to bring you … is that there is going to be a battle for Britain next year. … I know the Lord wants us not to give dates, but He spoke to me two years ago about 2011 being pivotal, the word was ‘pivotal’; for the church, pivotal for the nation and pivotal for the world, because what I believe will happen in this country will then go on out.

    … at six o’clock I woke up and He gave me this heading, ‘Battle for Britain 2011-Call a Holy Fast- Blow the Trumpet’. … Now this battle is in the heavenly realms and will need heavenly weaponry. It’s a pivotal moment and just like the Battle of Britain, we need spiritual radar stations around the coast, we need watchmen around the coast, we need many new prayer fields rather than airfields. The generation that fought the Battle of Britain is now dying out, it’s time for a new generation to rise up, and so there’s a great focus on young people.

    I believe the Lord is going to swoop down, as it were, upon our young people and we need to prepare the way for them. I believe that the enemy spirit over Europe that has led to the 1st and 2nd World War is still pursuing this domination over the EU, and these new young warriors will use weapons that the last generation didn’t use or understand. It will be like David refusing Saul’s armour and saying, ‘no, the Lord has prepared me in His own way’. I think we’ll be amazed by how the Lord has been preparing young people in His own way, and we need to stand back and encourage and release them.

    What do we need, we need collective and national fasting; persistent and united prayer wielding the Sword of the Spirit; exercising the supernatural gifts of the Spirit, and public led worship and praise, by that I mean outside of our buildings. We need to get out, and it should be the praise and worship that leads God’s people into dark places. The battle to be fought in groups, this is team work, squadrons with experienced leaders, each member prayerfully protecting others in the group; and, like Joshua had to take the land, he needed boldness.

    We need to fight for this revival and renewal I believe, to see it come to pass. Just a few men and women of faith and you can change the history of the nation, just to stand in the gap to be salt to be light. And what was that quote for the Battle of Britain. “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” God is just looking for the few righteous people now. … It only takes a few to stand in the gap, a few righteous people to cry out for mercy, for God to bless a nation, we need to be overcomers. We need to be passionate and fervent about this.
    Why, in seven letters in Revelation to the church does it end by saying “those who overcome”? Presumably, because we’ve got to overcome something to reach this blessing. So be overcomers, and we will see the Lord’s Glory in this land, and the church will be renewed, and the country will be revived ready for God’s purposes for the ends of the earth for the word to go out. Amen.

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